Monday, October 29, 2012

300 Million Slaves DVD reveals when Freedom of Religion is Taken away, so are others: Modern Day Slavery against God's True Church Today

Any true child of God realizes today there is a different type of slavery in existence, than the one that was against African Americans in America many years ago, which is freedom of religion, certain rebellious groups are aiming to take away.  You may wonder why the true family of God is being attacked more than ever before?  It is simply because of demonic forces rule, wherever Christians do not take action under the power of God.  If you are a true child of God, you will realize that during the time of slavery against blacks in America, hell existed.   Think about it, the Devil's Kingdom always existed in the bowels of the earth, when races were divided, now, he is using a different tactic, which is trying to take away freedom of religion, not just in America, but all over the world.

This new DVD, 300 million slaves reveals that if one freedom is taken away then we lose all others.  It is very true, we as saints lose power in this country, if we allow our freedom to totally serve God to be taken away from us.  According to, the documentary film points out that if our freedom to serve God and spread the message of Jesus Christ is taken away, then the financial deficit will continue to go up as well as other issues, which will be out of our hands.   

One of the reasons why we as born again Christians seem as though we are powerless when it comes freedom of religion, is simply because we hardly have any true Christians whom are ruling our government.   In our opinion, if we had true born again politicians, such as: senators, representatives, governors, mayors and city council members, America nor no other country would be facing such controversy against freedom of religion or any other problematic issues within our society and entire world.   Therefore, we agree with the creators of 300 million slaves, it is time for true Christians to step up and take over God's world, which he gave to us to rule as stated in the book of Genesis.

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The church will not be silent this November

A bold, new film defies all political correctness this election season by declaring America’s biggest battle come November won’t be electoral, but spiritual.

For the maker of “300 Million Slaves,” however, there’s no separating the church’s battles...Read full article, here.


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