Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boy Scout Abuse Lists 1,200 Suspected Child Abusers

Boy Scout Abuse Lists 1,200 Suspected Child Abusers

Forty-five people from Massachusetts are listed in the secret “perversion files” maintained by the Boy Scouts of America that were released last Thursday by an Oregon legal team ­under an order from the Oregon Supreme Court.

The hometowns of Massachusetts residents listed in the Scouts’ ­ineligible volunteer files were spread across the state, from South Boston to Pittsfield. The files contained 44 names and one person listed as ­unknown.

The files listed approximately 1,200 alleged child molesters from across the country who were ­accused of abuse between 1965 and 1985, Clark said on his website. The ­alleged abusers were barred from serving with the Scouts.

Here's one on the list of names that were confirmed through The Globe:

Donn W. Kruger is from Massachusetts.

Read more at Church Scandal Report!

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