Saturday, October 27, 2012

Catholic Church/Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Cover Up- Anyone Surprised?

Boyscout and Catholic Church Parellel in Sexual Abuse Cover up

Catholic Church/Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Cover Up- Anyone Surprised?

We are totally disgusted with not only the boy scouts sexual abuse cover up but we can not believe that the Catholic church, of all denominations, would be a part of this scandal. Why must he Catholic church be a part of so much downright perversion? We all better start examining this church organization and others and their association with groups who prey on our children. Who would have known that our boys were in danger of abuse in the Boy Scouts of America?

Read report below for the latest:
After Catholic priest Gilbert Gauthe was found to be a child molester in 1974, then-Lafayette Bishop Gerard Frey decided a change was in order. So the next year, Gauthe was assigned extra duties. He became chaplain of the diocesan Boy Scouts. Any pedophile would have whooped, and Gauthe took full advantage.
This was a set up from the beginning! What kind of 'change' was really made except that he had even more access to young boys?!!

Read more at Church Scandal Report!

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