Monday, October 29, 2012

Former President Jimmy Carter Supports Abolishing California Death Penalty

This coming November's election, it will be decided if death row inmates should live or die.  Former president of the United States, Jimmy Carter allegedly believes it is immoral to kill a human being, regardless of the the crime.  We deeply feel Carter's opinion is in agreement with God who does not agree with murder, at all.  As Exodus 20:13 says, 'Thou Shall Not Kill,' which is the 6th commandment.  Therefore, it is time for the entire true body of Christ whom reside in California to support our former president against the death penalty. 

We agree some of the worst crimes have been committed by death row inmates, but the way to make a better society is not to kill them.  It is time for the saints of God all across the nation not to agree with laws against God's Word.   If it was wrong for murderers on death row to kill, then it is wrong to have them prepared to die.   We must strictly follow the Word of God, if we want to heal America.  According to Jimmy Carter's LA Times article, he allegedly said, 'Voters should replace a death penalty process that is wasteful, immoral and discriminatory.'  

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for former president of the U. S., Jimmy Carter and thank God, we still have a politician whom fully believes in God's Word. Also, we will be praying for God to favor the laws in regard for human life and that every soul on death row repent for whatever crime they committed in the past.

Jimmy Carter to California: Yes on Prop. 34


The process for administering the death penalty in the United States is broken beyond repair, and it is time to choose a more effective and moral alternative. California voters will have the opportunity to do this on election day.

Although our government has a fundamental responsibility to protect its citizens, there is little evidence that the death penalty acts...Read full article, here.



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