Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Minister Jason Hershey Leads Prayer Group on White House Lawn

The Lord dealt with Minister Jason Hershey to lead a prayer meeting on the lawn of the White House.  This reminds us of many years ago when most Christians were not ashamed to be seen praising God in public, they would often have prayer revivals on the streets of America.  We can recall thousands and thousands of souls getting saved and healed from all types of sicknesses and diseases.  Now in 2012, just before the presidential election God is using Minister Jason Hershey to send a silent message to America and that is, 'America needs God and prayer is the key to turn this country around.'

God wants to use many more ministers to follow Minister Jason Hershey's idea that came from God and that is to take prayer, straight to the White House.   We are not to ever be afraid to spread the name of Jesus Christ pr be ashamed seek Him on the property of the nation's capitol, but we are to be bold followers, taking prayer straight to the political leader of the United States.   Minister Hershey has been leading his prayer group in David's Tent on the White House lawn since late September and his message is very clear to us, 'Jesus Christ is to be the center of attention in this upcoming November's election.'  However, we were very disappointed not to see thousands of Christians praising God in David's Tent, simply because if this was the One Million Man March or any other event, we would see a mass group of people.  It seems like whenever bold messengers for Christ like Minister Hershey decides to take prayer to the public, there is embarrassment among many other sophisticated Christians of today and that's a disgrace.  There should have been many more ministers, along with their church members leading this prayer meeting with Minister Jason Hershey. This upcoming presidential election in 2012 is very important to the Kingdom of God and God wants us to unite and spread the word for complete salvation and righteousness across our nation.  Mark 8:38 says, 'Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he comes in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.'  
In the meantime, we will keep Minister Hershey and his prayer warriors in our prayers.  We are very proud to see a group of prayer warriors on the lawn of the nation's capitol.

Watch Video

Prayer Group Pitches Tent on White House Lawn

 By Wendy Griffith

CBN News Anchor/Reporter

WASHINGTON - As America prepares to select a new president, a group of Christians has been praying on the White House lawn.

They have actually pitched a tent, called David's Tent, and have been praying 24 hours a day since late September in hopes of turning America back to God.

During a time of fasting and prayer, founder Jason Hershey...Read full article, here.

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