Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Was Gospel Music Intended to Reach Lost Souls, Or for Fame and Fortune?

kirk franklin unholy dancing to gospel music

Was Gospel Music Intended to Reach Lost Souls, Or for Fame and Fortune?

Originally posted on Oct. 30, 2011

The failure of many preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the black church was to inform gospel music artists that gospel music was never intended to be an industry, but only a ministry.  That's right, the average church wants to make money from the gospel artists they may invite to perform, but God was never in favor of His music being in the form of any sort of lucrative operation.   God is not against prosperity, but His Word spoken through any sort of minister was never intended to supplement their income.  Gospel artists are ministers of the gospel, although they may not be a leader of any church.   Gospel artists minister through song and whether they receive money for their performances or not, is not important.   Gospel artists are suppose to perform for God only.  Allegedly, when Sallie Martin told Rev. James Cleveland you must treat gospel music like a business, she was in error (according to biographical source, Black Gospel).   

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