Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Church Return to Righteousness, John Kilpatrick Sees Earthquake hitting America

This message is directly to the black church, for many of you have been in rebellion against righteousness and you have chosen to merge civil rights with alleged sin.  God is angry at this nation and all of those of any race whom claim to love Him, but would rather be followers of this world that idolize sinful popularity.     God showed this man, Minister John Kilpatrick a vision of the United States being hit by a great earthquake like never before and if you are not prepared you will suffer famine or even die.  Therefore, it is time for many preachers within the black church to stop worshiping the civil rights movement instead of totally yielding to God's expectations.  Note: please realize this message is not just for some whom are rebellious within the black church, but any other race whom are leading ministries that are not in full submission to God or his Word.

Although, John Kilpatrick does not focus specifically on the black church in this following video, it is so very important for those of you whom have yielded to civil rights, instead of righteousness based on God's Word to take heed for what is to come.    If you are unrighteous and have been following the average minister whom have operated their churches based on fame and fortune, you should watch this following video.   For it is time for all pastors, bishops and evangelists to call their church members in unity for constant fasting and prayer for America.   If the (black) church is fascinated with having the first black (bi-racial) president, instead of being in full obedience to God and His Word, they will not be prepared for God's wrath that is about to take place if President Obama decides to divide Jerusalem. Take heed and submit to the throne of God, all saints of God.  God says pay close attention to what could happen to this country and cause extreme famine after a great earthquake hits America.  Obviously, God does not want the American government taking dominion over Jerusalem.

Another thing, be forewarned John Kilpatrick allegedly says, God is going to remove some candlesticks, which stands for pastors and major ministries.  Therefore, he is going to replace the old and bring in the new, because he is not going to stand for any more sin.

Watch Video

Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/almostmidnightdesign

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