Friday, November 9, 2012

Black Church Stop Adultery in the Pulpit: Iyanla Confronts a Pastor about adultery and comforts the first lady who opens up about her troubled marriage

Saints of God, this is a shame this first lady has to open up on national TV to Iyanla, but her husband has evidently hurt her too much and she is tired of it.  Allegedly, he claims to have had affairs with about 10 different women in his church, then with 10 more outside of the church, then allegedly he had a baby with a married woman.   SCR readers, it is one thing for us to be upset with all of the homosexuality that seem just to not go away, but it is another thing for those whom claim to be straight and love God who cannot remain faithful to their spouse while claiming to be called to preach God's Word.  A lot of these preachers scandals are coming out, because they are not called to preach, they are allegedly fulfilling the duties of Satan's dominion.

We are going to tell you the truth, God is sick of this hypocrisy in the body of Christ.  We cannot continue to preach against homosexuality while married couples like this one in Shreveport, Louisiana are falling a part.  True adultery in the black church has been going on for many years, but now we are living in an era when God wants righteous preachers like this guy to be faithful to their wives.  He should love and respect his wife so much, the women in the church will not even think twice to walk past her as though she does not exist, according to her statement on Iyanla's show.  This remains to be true, whenever you are connected with someone and they repeatedly sees you cry, bearing the emotional distress, they really do not care about you.  According to the third preview, this pastor preaches while his wife is on one side and the mistress is on the other in the front row, God does not like this stuff going on in the black church or any other ministry.   God says to stop it now before he cuts off some more preachers. Homosexuals are not the only ones He is allegedly angry at, He is also angry at those whom preach against homosexuality while committing other types of sin.   God says, if the black church does not return to complete holiness, He going to reveal His wrath, thus saith the Lord.   The black church has no power to help sinner's change, because many whom preach in the pulpit have not changed themselves.  Furthermore, there is so much sin within the pulpit and the pews, it is a shame now the world is trying to help heal the church.   This is not how it is supposed to be, we are supposed to help cure sick souls, not the world cure the body of Christ.  No wonder, the gay community has so much power to allegedly persuade the president to oppose God's original plan for marriage to just remain between man and woman.   If sin is a dark cloud hanging within the church, then the Devil has power over this country to persuade those whom govern the land, doesn't he?

SCR readers, God wants the true body of Christ to finally stand up, unite and say no more sin among clergy members and no more sex between the preachers and their flocks.  God wants complete holiness and righteousness.  Do you know why prayer has remained out of schools?  Because of all types of sexual sins in the church.  Do you know why gay marriage is now in demand, in various states all over this country?   Because of all types of sexual sins in the church.  Do you know why children are now requesting for their parents to change their sex and gay teens are now coming out of the closet, because of all types of sexual sins in the church.  If the church is messed up saints of God, the world will continue to ignore whatever is preached from the mouths of many ministers and do whatever they want to do.   It's no excuse for it and God says enough is enough.

In the meantime, we will hold this first lady and her husband up before the Lord in prayer.  As far as their names and the name of their church, we do not have that information yet.  When we do, we will update that information here.

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Preview: "Fix My Cheating Husband"
Iyanla stops in Shreveport, Louisiana, to help a couple in turmoil. A married pastor says he's had affairs with women in his church and fathered a child with one of his mistresses. His wife says she's contemplating divorce and needs to make a decision. Can Iyanla help this couple heal? Tune in Saturday, November 10, at 10/9c.

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