Saturday, November 3, 2012

Celebrity Hollywood News: George Lucas Discuss the future of Star Wars Movies

George Lucas opens up to discuss the future plans for Star Wars movies, after Disney puts them on the big screen.  Of course, he shares how he always wanted to retire and imagined Katherine Kennedy, the company's co-chairman to take over Lucasfilm.  It is wonderful to hear Katherine Kennedy say, she will make sure the characters of Star Wars will not lose their originality, the way George Lucas first created them.

George Lucas sounds very excited about Lucasfilm joint venturing with Disney. The shocking thing we learned is that George Lucas said when he invented Stars Wars, people thought it would be a movie made by Disney, so it sounds like this was meant to be.  Not too often do we hear of Hollywood celebrity film makers mutually handing over their innovation to Disney, possibly because none of them are uniquely creative like George Lucas.  Now, we see why Disney is about to pay him over $4 billion dollars, which adds to his billions he has already made, preparing him for a great retirement.

We wish George Lucas the best and we will keep he and his girlfriend, Mellody Hobson in our prayers.

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