Saturday, November 3, 2012

Celebrity News: Dallas Cowboys Tyron Smith allegedly accusing mother of stealing more than $1 million

Celebrity NFL player, Tyron Smith is allegedly accusing his own mother of stealing more than one million dollars.  The 21-year-old's attorney allegedly said Smith's family has also demanded money from him.  However, Smith's mother, Frankie Pickney denies she ever stole anything or even demanded he give her money.  According to Dallas News, Pickney stated, “The money that we did receive from Tyron was all accounted for and everything is in writing, and he’s authorized all of it.”  Now, we can understand him upset because he is feeling harassed by family members to give them money, but-whatever his mother ask for, she should receive without any complaints, because she is Smith's mother.

What is going on with these
NFL players going against their mothers?  First, it was Dez Bryant who allegedly hit his mother and also mentioned he bought her a home.  Now, it is this NFL player who also plays for the Dallas Cowboys like Dez Bryant, allegedly accusing his mother of stealing over $1 million dollars.  If this is true, why would she have to take anything  He should willingly treat his mother like a queen because she carried him for 9 months, in labor for hours and gave him birth.  If he made it as a professional football player, he should thank his mother for not raising him to go out and sell drugs or pimp women, there are some mothers whom do that, you know.   She should not have to want for anything, because he did not do anything crooked to make it as an NFL player and he did not do it, alone. 

In the meantime, we will be praying for Frankie Pickney and her son, Tyron Smith.  We pray he handles this situation with love toward his mother, but family members are a whole different story.

Cowboys' Smith missing more than $1 million, lawyer says; mom denies anything taken without OK


IRVING — A lawyer representing Cowboys offensive tackle Tyron Smith says that the budding NFL star’s family has not only continually demanded money from his client but also has taken a substantial amount from the 21-year-old.

Dallas-based attorney John Schorsch said he will have a forensic accountant review Smith’s finances in an effort to find where more than $1 million has gone and...Read full article, here.


Photo: Getty Images, Mail Online

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