Monday, November 12, 2012

Celebrity News: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. may resign from Congress,possible jail time in plea deal

The son of Rev. Jesse Jackson may have to spend some time in jail as a part of a plea deal.  If so, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. may put in a resignation from Congress, as you know, a seat he won by a landslide.  The alleged plea deal comes after Congressman Jackson has had been allegedly diagnosed with a bi-polar disorder.  We knew if it were a possible plea deal, it would not be easy and it is a great disappointment he may have to resign from his second term.   

One thought comes to mind, we wonder how Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. feels about his son possibly having to give up his seat,  since he was carrying on the family legacy, holding  such a prestigious position in congress?  However, if it is too much stress, then the position is not worth it.  As we have said in a previous articles, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. probably never wanted to be a politician, but-could have only done so, to please his father.  Therefore, this could be one the reasons why he has been stressed out, after being accused of taking funds to decorate his home and allegedly giving a $40,000 watch to a female friend, according to the  One may choose to do silly things to hide their emotional distress and it seems like Rep. Jackson could have been splurging with campaign funds just to appear as though he had it all together.  

In the meantime, we will be praying for Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. and sincerely hopes he gets a plea deal that does not include any jail time, although he may made the wrong choice to use campaign funds, allegedly.  Also, we pray he gets better and does not have to spend more time at the Mayo clinic, so he can get these problems out of the way.  We wish him the best.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. likely to resign from Congress, looking at jail time in plea deal

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who is battling legal troubles and mental illness, is likely to resign from Congress and face jail time under the terms of a plea deal his lawyer is negotiating with the federal government.

CBS Chicago reported that Jackson’s lawyer, Dan Webb, is in talks with the U.S. Justice Department over the terms of the tentative deal. They include Jackson’s resignation from Congress for health reasons...Read full article, here.

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