Monday, November 26, 2012

Celebrity News: Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. Devastated, after son resigns as congressman

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. sounded very depressed and heartbroken while speaking with reporters.   It was not just because he allegedly stated to be devastated and that there was joy and sadness over Thanksgiving dinner, but it is just the way he expressed his feelings regarding his son's resignation as Congressman.

Of course, any father who always expected the best for his son and always had so much pride to be the father of a congressman would not want to see him resign.  However, life takes a turn for everyone, it does not matter the background or race of a person, we all are not perfect and deal with personal issues at sometime or another.   Therefore, possibly Rev. Jesse Jackson should realize life is not over for his son and he can eventually rise up again.   In the future, he may not choose to be a congressman, but-whatever he does, he will still be successful. 

A lot of times, some high profile African American families may not know how to accept it, if their family name is discussed in the press in a negative way, after a relative does wrong, but-reality is like everyone else, Jesse Jackson, Jr., the former congressman is only human.

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for Rev. Jesse Jackson, his son and the rest of the entire family.

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Reverend Jackson Speaks to Son's Pain

Reverend Jesse Jackson Friday said he likely would not have a role in helping to find a replacement for his ailing son, Jesse Jackson Jr., who resigned from Congress Wednesday.

"No," Jackson said when a reporter camped outside of his home asked if he would have a role in helping find a new representative for...Read full article, here.

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