Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Church of England Rejects Female Bishops: Is the Title important or promotion?

The church of England has rejected women to become bishops.  It seems like the issues of women becoming equal to men will not settle until Jesus Christ returns.   We are shocked the Church of England has denied female bishops since England is very much like America when it comes to letting go of biblical principles, allegedly.  We wonder what is the importance for women to be bishops in any country, is it the title or promotion?

In our opinion, it is a satisfaction that women are allowed to be preachers and win souls to Jesus Christ. In our opinion, to be a bishop is irrelevant.  Why?  Simply, because God is not looking at our title, He is looking at how many souls we win to Christ.  Therefore, He will promote each and every woman based on how holy she has lived in her personal life while preaching complete holiness as a preacher.    Therefore, the rejection by the church of England should not offend women whom were expecting to win their right to become bishops.  When we make it to heaven, the main thing is, we want to hear God say, 'well done thy good and faithful servant.'  Even in America, we think women should be grateful that we have the right to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  God bless the women whom are bishops, but really the only importance is how many souls we have won to Jesus Christ, just as an evangelist, a pastor or a missionary. 

SCR readers, it is time for us to think about how God feels, instead of continuing the fight of equality within the church.   Souls are going to hell by the thousands, daily while women and men are still debating about title, positions and promotions.   Do you think God is happy about it?

Church of England Rejects Female Bishops

By John Johnson,  Newser Staff


(Newser) – The Church of England allows women to be priests, but it decided today that they still can't be promoted to bishops. The church's governing body just barely blocked a...Read full article, here.

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