Monday, November 5, 2012

Dr. Patrick Wooden, allegedly encourages congregants not to vote for President Obama: Black Church take heed or prepare for God's wrath

As you know, Dr. Patrick L. Wooden is one of the fewest holiness, full gospel preachers of today who is boldly speaking out against gay marriage.   Why?  Because he is a man of courage who fears God and not mankind.   Allegedly, Dr. Wooden has informed his church members not to vote for our gay affirming president, according to The Washington PostDo you realize if the rest of you preachers within the black church do not take heed to Dr. Wooden's courage and follow God's command, you are in jeopardy of God's wrath?

SCR readers, right now at this very moment God is very angry at the black church.  However, other churches led by white gay affirming pastors is another issue, of course God is angry at them too, but black preachers are descendants of ancestors whom were once enslaved in America.   We cannot do what white people do, we were once under there authority in the cotton fields and the big house and if we do not take heed to this man of God and obey what he says, we are going to witness God's wrath against many rebellious black churches whom do not take heed.   It is the voice of God speaking through Dr. Patrick L. Wooden and we want to forewarn all of you black preachers whom are publicly denouncing this man of God, you are in trouble if you don't repent.  Also, for those of you coming out of the closet agreeing with homosexuality and trying to avoid God's biblical scriptures against it, you are also going to reap God's wrath.   After God's wrath comes against you, it will be too late for you to repent.   The black race has already been the highest rate when it comes to AIDS, what is it going to take next to get all of you rebellious preachers and your followers to take heed to God's voice?

Preachers of the black church whom are not being bold warriors for Jesus Christ like Dr. Patrick L. Wooden, you must make a choice to either be a true follower for Jesus Christ or a puppet for cowards whom are afraid to preach what is right.  No matter the persecution you face, if you say you love God, you are going to have to take a strong stand like Dr. Patrick Wooden or if not, face God's wrath.   If God says it is wrong to be gay, a lesbian, a liar, a thief, a murderer, an idolator, it's wrong, but what is so strange, the only group that you support against God's Word are gays and lesbians.   God says, either preach His full Word or close up your churches, immediately.   God is not playing and He is very tired of false prophets and their followers playing church.   Wake up and turn around before it is everlasting too late, thus saith the Lord.  

Saints of God, for many years some of these same supporters whom are black preachers for gay marriage and/or President Obama were the very ones whom used to rebuke demons in people, but now, we are seeing those same demons controlling them.  Why is this the case?   Because this was in them all the time and some of them probably always wanted to try being with the same sex themselves.  They were burning in lust and probably couldn't wait for a gay affirming president to make it okay to be gay. 

Black preacher spreads the Word ... against Obama

RALEIGH, N.C. — Shortly before noon on Sunday, most of the swaying and singing had subsided at the Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh, N.C., and the Rev. Patrick L. Wooden began his sermon.
He talked about how the powerful Amaziah tried to intimidate the humble Amos, who warned of the impending doom...Read article, here.



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