Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dr. Patrick Wooden, Please Don't stop preaching against homosexuality just because other black preachers chose to support our gay affirming president

This is a post dedicated to the pastor of the Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh, N. C.   In this evil era, we who are true born again Christians must support strong men of God like Dr. Patrick L. Wooden, because there are not many like him who preach complete holiness.  Just because President Barack Obama is in the White House another four years does not make God's Word a lie and it does not mean it is okay to add or subtract from God's Word.     We know Dr. Patrick L. Wooden to be a very courageous man of God, not to be a follower of cowards in the pulpits, but a leader for God's Kingdom.

Dr. Patrick Wooden is leading the black church into righteousness and those of you whom do not want to follow please get prepared for God's wrath like we forewarned you in our previous article.   For God has recorded you walking to the voting booth in your state and He's got your registered number for November 6, 2012.   Many of you are weak and were not called into ministry, you are only used as ponds for Satan's kingdom to attempt to rule God's earth.   Therefore, you should really fear God's wrath, because as a man or woman of God, you used your position to build up Satan's territory to win millions of souls into eternal hell and damnation.  God has not lost His battle against Satan and his demons just because you helped him out.  Just because a gay affirming president remains the president of America does not mean you have the right to preach what you want and try homosexuality, yourself.  Don't forget sin is what got the children of Israel into bondage and we are not ignorant not to acknowledge the similarities between our ancestors and them.  However, the worst type of slavery is in eternal hell with Satan and his demons and when we heard the testimony of Mary K. Baxter, she said she saw some ministers burning there for not preaching what God wanted to them to preach.

Dr. Patrick L. Wooden, we plead with you to remain strong and do not back down from your righteous beliefs.  Many souls will be saved by the words you speak through the Holy Spirit.  We are living in very evil day when our color is being used for sin and many professed Christian African Americans are so spiritually blind, they have confused God with a Spirit that compromises with His own Word.   We see Satan's agenda that was planned long before this previous election.  He plotted this strategy to use color to permit sin in America, because he knew many gullible African Americans would not recognize his trick, because of how our ancestors were enslaved for over 400 years.    Now, we see why our ancestors were in enslaved in America Pastor Wooden, simply because for over 400 years of being in bondage by white supremacists, it would trick the minds of many black preachers of today that would lure their followers to support a gay affirming president to remain in office. Then, he used the Jim Crow movement until the late Dr. Martin Luther King was assasinated and as you can see although, we have a lot of diversity, the black family continues to be diminished because of AIDS and other tragic situations.  Satan saw these civil rights activists in the pulpits doing their job for him, mainly focusing on racial issues, instead of getting souls delivered for Jesus Christ and now falling into including gay issues with racial issues. Unknowingly, many souls within the pulpits and pews whom turn away from God's Word and agree with homosexuality, automatically have given the Devil power over their own souls, eternally in hell.   

After AIDS began with the homosexual community back in 1981, it began allegedly taking the lives of first white gay men, then black gay men and now both black men and black women, (including children and babies) continue to die with the disease as many preachers within the black church and their followers have opposed God's Word to make sure a black (bi-racial) man remains the president of America. We have a lot of diversity, but those whom have died of AIDS seemed to have been forgotten about while the gay and lesbian community is gaining support of some black churches that once preached against homosexuality.   It is very scary to acknowledge that AIDS took thousands of lives in the black church, including the gospel music industry and yet many preachers have opposed God's Word against homosexuality while wanting to still preach against other sin.  We allegedly heard that Bishop George Bloomer, Bishop Eddie Long's good friend (and Cynthia Trimm) has now came out of the closet, compromising with homosexuality, which God's Word does not condone.   Dr. Wooden, do you think he and others would have been so bold to come out as compromising with homosexuality (according to Obnoxioustv's Blog) if President Bush was still in office?  Absolutely not, and God's Word has not changed just because He allowed a black (bi-racial) president to govern America.  Therefore, Dr. Wooden, God has chosen you for such a time as this and we need you to continue to guide us in an era when other black preachers, both men and women in the pulpit are spiritually blind and falling into Satan's trap to win more souls for his kingdom.

In the meantime, we will continue to keep Dr. Patrick and First Lady Pamela Wooden in our prayers.  God bless you, family of SCR.

Photo: Upper Room COGIC

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