Thursday, November 15, 2012

Evangelist Franklin Graham Warning for America for turning its back on God: Wake up black church or face judgement

The son of Rev. Billy Graham, Evangelist Frank Graham says America has turned its back on God and in so many words, he allegedly says things will get much worse than the era of the civil war.   Let us assure you Evangelist Frank Graham knows what he is talking about, there have been a few other prophets who have already gave us forewarning for what is to come.   This is why it behooves the black church to separate from civil rights, which has allegedly merged with sin before you face God's judgement.

This is the worst time in history for the black church when many preachers have fallen for the trick of the enemy to support some civil rights activists who are also gay affirming ministers.  If many of you are so dedicated to your pastors that you listened to them and voted for the president, you should quickly take heed and acknowledge you are a part of the majority who turned your backs on God.   You turned your back when you chose to vote based on race and not on righteousness.  You should repent quickly, because hard times in our future will effect you much worse.  You were supposed to follow God's Word that opposes homosexuality and not be a follower of the world, but only a follower of Jesus Christ. Evangelist Graham foresees the difficult times for this nation in the future and it would be very wise for the entire black church to bow down and repent before the almighty throne of God.  If not, judgement is coming your way.  

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Franklin Graham: US Has Turned Its Back on God

Evangelist Franklin Graham is issuing a wake-up call to America, saying the nation has turned its back on God.

He also warned that President Obama's agenda will bring the greatest changes to the United States since the...Read full article, here.

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