Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Former CEO of Mega Upload and Producer Swizz Beatz Owes $2.6 Million inTaxes

 Swizz Beatz and wife Alicia Keys owe $2.6 million in taxes

We always knew if he was not indicted on any charges as being the CEO of a one of the largest copyright infringing sites, he'd pay back one way or another. So, it seems that Swizz is paying back but in another issue altogether when he decided not to pay Uncle Sam his cut! In a new report from TMZ, the state of New York recently filed a lien against Beatz for unpaid taxes in the year 2010, claiming he still owes $98,246.18.

Former CEO of Defuncted Mega Upload Swizz Beatz Now Owes $2.6 Million in Back Taxes | AT2W

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