Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hollywood Celebrity News: Larry Hagman's manager shares details of actor's final days

As you know just last year, the star of the hit prime time tv show, 'Dallas', Larry Hagman had miraculously beat cancer, but this year, it returned.  He was acting his role on Dallas, up until he got very ill and doctors informed him of his diagnosis of leukemia.  However, the famous celebrity was in high spirits up until the time of his death, according to his manager, John Castonia.

John Castonia was with Larry Hagman and saw how he responded whenever in the presence of his close friends of 'Dallas'.  He reports he was full of joy and knew was prepared to depart this life.    Although, the co-stars of 'Dallas' did not want to hear him speak of death, Larry Hagman was honest about how he felt and he was not sad, at all.  According to WFAA, Castonia shares how some fans were always so excited to see him where he lived at the Omni hotel.

May Larry Hagman rest in peace.  As we have heard from one of our sisters who has been to heaven, there are movies up there and it would be very nice to see Hagman acting and producing one when we meet him there.

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Larry Hagman's manager shares details of actor's final days 


DALLAS -- Larry Hagman called the city's new Omni Hotel home while shooting on-location episodes of the TNT drama "Dallas."

"Fans would see us in the elevators and said...Read full article, here.


Source, Video and Photo:WFAA.com


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