Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hollywood Celebrity News: Star of 'Two and a Half Men' Angus T. Jones, Finds Jesus Christ and Calls TV Show 'Filth'

Do you love Jesus Christ more than $7.9 million dollars, that's over $200,000 per episode?   Evidently, this former star, Angus T. Jones of 'Two and a Half Men' is following the biblical scripture found in Luke 9:26 that says, 'For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father's, and of the holy angels.'  On a recent You Tube video he discourages people from watching 'Two and a Half Men,' after he found Jesus Christ through a California based ministry, Forerunner Christian Church.

Now we do not know if Angus T. Jones has officially quit the popular tv show, 'Two and a Half Men' but according to KTLA.com, he says, 'if you watch 'Two and a Half Men', please stop watching it.  Now, Angus T. Jones is so different than than average Hollywood celebrity whom claims to be saved.  So far, we hear Jesus Christ using this young man and he expresses true holiness and righteousness.  The average Hollywood celebrity whom claims to know Jesus Christ has what you call, 'Hollywood salvation', which is not fully committing to biblical principles, they remain rich and famous, but you do not hear nor see a change in them, which has been going on for too many years.

Thank God for Angus T. Jones and we pray he continues to remain strong in God and not allow followers of this new age Christianity to discourage him.  We pray for God to mold him into a great minister to draw thousands and millions of people into the Kingdom of God.

Now let us pray for Angus T. Jones, because he is making a stand for Jesus Christ in this wicked age within the Hollywood industry and even in today's church.  The average pastor of a mega ministry would be afraid to speak out for righteousness before the nation.  We have not heard this sort of righteousness coming from the mouth of the average rich and famous celebrity, the average one would be afraid.   So, let us pray for Angus T. Jones that God keeps him strong, because this is the type of person God needs to expand His Kingdom.   The average young or old person within today's church would be afraid to make a bold stand like this God-fearing young Christian.

Father, we come to you right now, thanking you for our dear brother, Angus T. Jones.   This is not an average Hollywood celebrity, for He is chosen to reach millions of people in such a time as this.   Lord Jesus, we thank you for his young soul.  Thank you for speaking through him to save souls of all ages and races to be pure, holy and sanctified.   Satan, we command you to step back and do not even think about getting in Angus T. Jones way, for He belongs to God.   Father God, thank you for his boldness and courage to speak to millions of souls and forewarn them about the tv show he is on.   Thank you for his fearless spirit and we pray many young people and even the old learn from him to speak out for Jesus Christ without fear.   You said, if we be ashamed of you, you would be ashamed of us.  Thank you God for this young man for you are using him to draw lost souls whom idolize Hollywood instead of serving and worshiping you.  Thank you Jesus, we praise you for courage to take dominion not just over this nation, but all over the world, for your glory and not our own.  Do not allow anyone or anything to distract Angus T. Jones and we believe you will help him to grow a huge ministry, so souls will be drawn to what is holy and not unholy.  Lord, we praise you right now and thank you for this opportunity to learn about this brave soldier in your army.   We praise and thank you for more souls in Hollywood whom will make up in their minds to choose you and not fame and fortune, in Jesus mighty name.   Amen.

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TV Star Finds Religion, Calls TV Show 'Filth'

LOS ANGELES  - Actor Angus T. Jones, star of CBS's raunchy television comedy 'Two and a Half Men', has urged viewers to change the channel, saying his new-found religious beliefs are at odds with his job playing a fun-loving teen on the popular show.

Jones, 19, who has played Jake Harper - the son of Jon Cryer's character Alan - for nine years, appealed to fans to stop watching the show...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: TheChurchReport.com
Source and Video: http://www.ktla.com

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