Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oklahoma Youth Pastors John and Charica Daugherty Fail to Get ‘Failure-to-Report’ Child Abuse Charges Dismissed

John and Charica Daugherty, denied fight to dismiss failure to report rape charges

A Tulsa judge denied a motion to dismiss charges against two Victory Christian Center (VCC) youth pastors after staff at the Tulsa megachurch failed to report child abuse for two weeks. John and Charica Daugherty, the son and daughter-in-law of VCC's head pastor, Sharon Daugherty  say they should not be accused of any sexual misconduct. They have been charged, along with three other VCC employees, for violating the law by failing to report a 13-year-old girl's rape allegations against another VCC employee, Chris Denman.

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VCC’s Youth Pastors John and Charica Daugherty Lose at Getting ‘Failure-to-Report’ Child Abuse Charges Dismissed | AT2W

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