Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pastor, homosexual therapist arrested for sexually assaulting male clients

Here we go again saints of God, another pastor being found out as a hypocrite.  Rev. Ryan J. Muehlhauser, former pastor of the Lakeside Christian Church in Cambridge, Minnesota has been accused of sexually misconduct with his gay male clients.   He was charged with 8 felony counts, because he allegedly could not resist his sexual demons.  When is all this hypocrisy in the church going to stop?   We will say it again, this is why we have so much rebellion in our American society and Christianity is being fought among politicians, too many preachers can't keep their clothes on.

A lot of preachers would like for us to keep quiet about their scandalous seductions, but we cannot stop giving you these headlines unless they stop the sin business.   You know, God doesn't like those whom preach his Word as though they are so righteous and then, when they are out of the pulpit, they can't control their lust demons.   God is tired and as long as these false prophets keep having sex with their followers and clients whom they counsel through therapy, they never will stay out of the news.   Rev. Mauhlhauser must of thought he could get away with molesting his male clients whom depended on him for treatment, but he couldn't hide anything from God and those men who told on him were smart to report him.  If you really know the truth, this is why a lot of homosexuals refuse to change, because they do not see true examples in the pulpit.   You cannot tell them to change and you are doing what they are doing, undercover.

If you pastors do not want we christian reporters to say anything about your dirty laundry, don't put it out there, keep your clothes on and practice what you preach. 

Pastor who 'offered homosexual counseling arrested for sexually assaulting male clients'

A Midwest pastor has been charged with sexually assaulting two male clients he was counseling to help them 'escape their homosexual tendencies' 

Rev. Ryan J. Muehlhauser, who had served as the senior pastor of the Lakeside Christian Church in Cambridge, Minnesota, was charged with eight felony counts on Tuesday for fondling and initiating sexual contact with the...Read full article, here.

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