Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rev. Billy Graham says only Repentance Solve America's Problems

Rev. Billy Graham has spoken to the press after his 94th birthday.  He has made it very clear we are to pray for those in government, according to the Word of God.  Truthfully, Rev. Billy Graham said in his own words, no human leader can solve America's problems, only repentance.   Therefore, this tells us it is time for all churches whom claim to love God to call their church members into repentance, so they can be a prime example of holiness to lost souls in other parts of the world.

We wholeheartedly agree with Rev. Billy Graham, because it is more than sinners whom need to repent, God is also calling church people whom have compromised with universal beliefs against His Word to repent, immediately.   Before Jesus returns, it is urgent that all pastors whom claim to be righteous call their church members into full obedience to repent.  It is time for righteous Christians to steer away from being followers of man-made philosophies in the church and make a wise choice to only follow biblical principles.   Yes, God is waiting on people all across the world to repent, including America.  Specifically, America is in big trouble with God, simply because they have ignored biblical principles, in order to be accepted by the majority of citizens whom condone sinful popular lifestyles.   God is angry and if America does not turn back to Him and repent, Satan will have his way and send his demons to snatch millions of souls into eternal hell and damnation.

God bless Billy Graham, including his son, Frank Graham, we are praying for the both of them as they stand strong against the enemy that has controlled this country away from God's Word.

Graham: No Human Leader Can Solve America's Problems

Regardless of how many Christians may have felt about the outcome of the 2012 election, Rev. Billy Graham offered one admonition: pray for the nation's leaders.

"The Bible urges us to do so with both respect and thanksgiving," America's beloved evangelist...Read full article, here.

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