Tuesday, November 20, 2012

San Jose Pastor steps down after sex offender volunteers at school

This San Jose pastor of Diocese of San Jose, Father Lieu Vu is stepping down, after allowing a sex offender to volunteer at a fundraising event.  A group of parents noticed Mark Gurries volunteering in the presence of many children at this event.   Several parents requested for Father Vu to excuse the registered sex offender, but he refused to do so and insisted they show compassion.   Tell us, how can we show compassion to registered sex offenders while making sure our children are safe?  

It is a very complex situation, but this is an ongoing problem with in many churches and there needs to be some guidelines on how we go about winning souls, regardless of their past history while still making sure our children will not be molested by them.  Of course, we truly believe anyone can be saved and delivered from any sin, but these parents attending this festival fundraising event have the right to feel uncomfortable.  The scariest thing about this situation is that there a many registered sex offender today and if no one offers them salvation, then Satan will have their soul.  However, the children still need to be safe and these parents need to feel comfortable knowing that their children will not be sexually violated by anyone.  The fact remains we have a lot of ex-cons whom are registered sex offenders and we suppose pastors like Father Vu are only trying to reach out to them, but have not considered setting up some structured system to keep them away from children.   Should we hold their past against them? Certainly not, but we need to win these souls while making sure pastor follow the law to not allow these former child molesters around children.

Furthermore, we think it is wonderful that Father Vu is a compassionate man, but-he needed to think about the safety of children while yet saving souls.   In the meantime, we will pray for God to give all pastors a mind to use wisdom when trying to show compassion to registered sex offenders, so parents can feel comfortable and children can feel safe.

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Pastor steps down after sex offender volunteers at school

Lilian Kim
The pastor of a San Jose church is stepping down after a convicted child molester was granted official permission to be on school property. 

It's still not clear who granted that permission, but on Monday the Diocese of San Jose announced the pastor of St. Frances Cabrini School is stepping down. Father Lieu Vu's resignation is effective immediately and there are no plans to reassign him in a...Read full article, here.

Source, Photo and Video: abclocal.go.com

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