Thursday, November 8, 2012

Watch The Hollywood Reporter's Actor Roundtable Discuss 6 Leading Men on Politics, Over-40 Actresses and the Dangers of Success

This is an interesting interview by The Hollywood Reporter featuring six of the most famous actors in Hollywood.  We see Matt Damon, Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington, Richard Gere, Alan Arkin and John Hawkes all having a decent conversation about their personal experiences as Hollywood actors, what is going on in politics in this particular time in history and the precautions of success.  This is something very interesting to see and hear about the lives of six of the greatest men in Hollywood.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, you are in for a good treat for over an hour, so sit back and listen to what goes on in the lives of these Hollywood actors, they will share their own personal opinions, one by one.  The quiet discussion really will not only educate you, but bring you closer into the reality of the movie industry.

Watch Video

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