Thursday, December 27, 2012

Atlanta Youth Elder of Church Shot and Killed on Christmas Eve

This youth elder, Josh Watson was a beloved minister at his church, a talented artist and a loyal employee.   He had just got off from work and took the short cut to his mother's home from a Marta bus stop when someone shot and killed him.  The 18-year-old's mother says he was a very good son and she does not understand why anyone would want to kill him.  

Saints of God, we can't just fast and pray, we have got to go out and win souls.   This is a terrible tragedy like many others and it is up to us to clean up these dangerous streets.   We have to go out and pass out tracts, even if people do not want to hear what we have to say about God.    We must be a witness for Jesus Christ, because Satan is coming within the body of Christ killing our young people and all ages before their time.    Yes, we have to continue to bind these evil spirits, but we must also began taking political office and controlling the laws, so these people will not have power to carry weapons and take innocent lives. 

Elder Josh Watson was an innocent young man who was hardworking and respected his mother, there was no reason for him to be shot in cold blood.   His mother also allegedly mentioned on this following video that Elder Watson did not carry cash, so this person just took his life without taking anything.    How dare the Devil come within the body of Christ and take innocent lives before their time?    This is our problem as sisters and brothers of God's Kingdom, let's deal with it.  Don't let this be another case that we just say, 'oh what a shame' and just let it pass until another tragedy occurs and then we say the same thing over without taking action.    No, we must continue to stop Satan in his tracks and take action against this ongoing behavior.   Another issue, there are too many blacks killing each other, it is no longer just white supremacists.  The Devil has possessed many blacks to attack each other and we must call it what it is, 'blacks who are unsaved always out to do Satan's job.'  Therefore, the problems we face when it comes to losing special people like Josh Watson is not a issue of racism, it is an issue of a demonic person doing a job for Satan to cut off someone's life. 

In the meantime, we will keep the family of this beloved youth elder, Josh Watson in our prayers.  May Josh Watson rest in peace forever with Jesus Christ.


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Family mourns man shot and killed on Christmas Eve


 ATLANTA - Police are searching for clues in the death of an 18-year-old man shot and killed on Christmas night.

Authorities said that Josh Watson was shot in a shopping center parking lot just before midnight. He was making the short walk from a MARTA...Read full article, here.


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