Friday, December 21, 2012

Celebrity News: Bishop Wiley Jackson and brother indicted in investment scheme

SCR readers, it never stops when it comes to these televangelists getting caught up in a scandal, this time it has to do with money, not sex.  Bishop Wiley Jackson, a well-known pastor of three corporate churches in the area of Atlanta has been indicted on charges investment scheme, along with his brother.  When is God's church going to go back to being holy and not seeking fame or fortune?
According to, the pastor of Gospel Tabernacle Church, Bishop Wiley Jackson and his brother Rodney are indicted on eight counts of violating the Georgia Securities Act on Thursday.   They got three people to invest in a company that did not exist and one gave as much as $10,000.  That's a whole lot of money to lose when you think about how many people are suffering in this country's recession.   We suppose people are not giving enough tithes and offerings to support Bishop Wiley Jackson's lavish lifestyle.   However, ministry is not about making money and there is no excuse for ever creating a scheme when people do not have enough money to give.   Furthermore, the money people give through tithes and offerings should never be to support the lavish lifestyle of any pastor or minister, but it should be given to the Lord, to take care of God's house.    It is as though we can see why these pastors are getting in trouble with these schemes, lately.   It seems as though they are creating different channels to get what they lost through their love offerings, because people just do not have money to give like they used to.   While so many people are homeless or struggling not to be evicted from their homes, why are some of these celebrity preachers still focused on money and not God's Kingdom?  

Many pastors before him have been caught up with some sort of scheme, which reminds us of the previous scandals that allegedly involved Bishop Eddie Long and Bishop Gary Hawkins.   It is time for all of these celebrity preachers to start seeking God and no longer love money so much, they offend people with their schemes.   The prosperity gospel seems to be coming to an end for mega ministries, because some of their pastors are creating schemes are revealing who they really are, allegedly greedy without regard for the souls they are supposed to be spiritually feeding the gospel.

In the meantime, we will keep Bishop Wiley Jackson, his brother and their alleged victims in our prayers.

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Atlanta pastor, brother indicted in investment scheme

 By Justin Gray, FOX 5 reporter - bio | email

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - One of Atlanta's most well-known pastors is accused of cheating his flock.  A DeKalb County grand jury indicted Gospel Tabernacle Church Bishop Wiley Jackson and his brother Rodney on eight counts of violating the Georgia Securities Act on Thursday.

"These people are essentially charged with selling securities without a license. In  Georgia, this is regulated activity," DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James said.

James said that the Jackson brothers recruited investors...Read full article, here.


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