Saturday, December 8, 2012

Celebrity News: Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent arrested in teammate's death

SCR readers, this is very sad, another NFL linebacker dies while this NFL player, Josh Brent, 25 has been arrested for his death.  Brent is allegedly responsible for his teammate, Jerry Brown Jr., 24, death, because he was driving under the influence when his Mercedes Sedan flipped over at a high speed.  This news is extremely troubling, after we learned of Jovan Belcher's recent murder-suicide. 

According to, Josh Brent has been charged with intoxication manslaughter.  Sadly, when police arrived at the scene, Josh could be seen dragging his teammate from the burning vehicle. Those of us who have a close relationship with Jesus Christ can look at all of these tragic cases in 2012 at a spiritual level.  It seems as though God is trying to get the attention of the celebrity athletes.  He wants them to yield to His will and fully surrender their lives to Him.  Too many of these deaths are not by accident and it is time for all other celebrities playing in the professional leagues to take heed and make a choice to serve God.  It is time for them to turn away from the fast life, drinking alcohol and partying with other high profile celebrities whom may not be thinking about giving their lives to Jesus Christ.   The time is come for all celebrities, whether they be athletes, singers or actors in the movie industry to make up in their minds to get saved, before their time runs out.

In the meantime, we will be praying for the family of the decease linebacker, Jerry Brown, Jr.  Also, we pray for Josh Brent to seriously think about turning his life over to the Lord Jesus Christ while in jail, no doubt grieving for his dead teammate.

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Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent arrested in teammate's death 


IRVING - Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent was arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter after a single-vehicle rollover crash that killed Jerry Brown Jr., a linebacker on the Cowboys' practice squad.

A source told News 8 Brent, 24, and Brown, 25, were partying late Friday night and into the morning at a Dallas club before the...Read full article, here.

Photo: (AFP) 


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