Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Celebrity News: Former Cowboy Dwayne Goodrich feels Josh Brent's pain

Although, Jason Garrett says Josh Brent's fatal mistake is uncharted territory for the Dallas Cowboys, but obviously Dwayne Goodrich, former quarterback of the same team can share Josh's pain.  Back in 2003, Goodrich was driving on Stemmons Freeway when he got into a hit and run accident that allegedly took two lives.  However, today he is sharing his testimony to help other people and hopefully, he can also be there to personally encourage Josh Brent.

Dwayne Goodrich is honest to admit he was embarrassed and it is something that Josh Brent will have to face.  He served 6 years in prison and had to also face more charges for failing to stop and give aid.  It was a touching moment to see one of the living victims first say he forgave him and then gave him a very tight hug.  Yes, forgiveness is the key and one of the biggest things that will help Josh Brent is to forgive himself, although it may not be very easy, that is something God expects Him to do.  According to WFAA, Josh Brent's mistake is causing him to relive that very night when he accidentally took two lives.   

Dwayne Goodrich left Josh Brent with these words, 'just pray and have a good solid support system around you.'   That's very good he mentioned prayer, because after we have made some of the worst mistakes in our lives, God will always be there to not only forgive us, but embrace us.

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Former Cowboy Dwayne Goodrich feels Josh Brent's pain 



 DALLAS -- Former Dallas Cowboys cornerback Dwayne Goodrich relived his own tragedy this past weekend when he heard about the death of Cowboys practice squad linebacker Jerry Brown Jr.
"It was a nightmare. It was like reliving the nightmare over, and over, and over again," Goodrich said.

His thoughts went immediately to Brown's family and...Read full article, here.

Source, Photo and Video: WFAA.com 
Photo: Promentum Group


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