Monday, December 17, 2012

Celebrity News: Public Memorial for Singer Jenni Rivera

If you have been keeping up with the late singer, entrepreneur and reality star at The Hollywood Celebrities blog, you will realize her many fans have been heart broken after discovering her body has been identified in the plane crash.  Now, here is the update regarding her home-going celebration, there will be a public viewing for the late singer. mentioned their will be more details, regarding this public memorial.  It would be very interesting to know if her public memorial will be televised like the late King of Pop, since some of her fans says her level of fame was similar.

May Jenni Rivera rest in peace, we are praying for her family and friends.  Also, the six other victims, may they too rest in peace and our prayers are with their loved ones as well.

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Public Memorial for Jenni Rivera Set for Tuesday

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KTLA) — A public memorial will reportedly be held on Tuesday for Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera in her hometown of Long Beach.

Meantime, hundreds of fans attended a charity event on Sunday to honor the international superstar, who gave back generously to the Long Beach community.

The nonprofit Families in Focus, which helps women and children who have faced abuse, has held a Spirit of Christmas Brunch for...Read full article, here.

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