Monday, December 10, 2012

Celebrity News Update: Cowboys NFL Player, Josh Brent out on bail

This is an update about Dallas Cowboys player, Josh Brent, he has posted a half million bond while very upset about the fatal car crash that took his best-friend's life.   Meanwhile, the family of the late Jerry Brown, Jr. is grieving and preparing for their loved ones funeral.   Josh Brent may never be the same again, but eventually whenever he gets out of prison, he can do a positive thing and encourage drunk drivers to not ever drive under the influence, ever again. 

 SCR readers, this is very sad, we all make mistakes, but many times, our flaws turn out for the worst when it could involve death of a loved one or close friend like in this case with Josh Brent.  After watching both following videos, we learned that Josh Brent is very troubled about what happened to his best-friend, the only family he had, according to his attorney,  George Milner.  Also, George Milner, a very caring man was choked up, near tears while expressing Brent's remorse.   Although, Brent can never bring his best-friend, Jerry Brown back, there is a lesson to be learned for each and ever last one of us, 'do not drive under the influence and do not take our friendships for granted.' 

There are many celebrities that endure tragedies, the good thing is when they are yet alive, they can spread the word to our American society to do better.   They can use their past mistakes to encourage the youth and the elders not to make wrong choices.   This is not it for Josh Brent, if he just realize he can make a better life by creating a foundation in memory of his good friend, Jerry Brown, Jr.   

May Jerry Brown, Jr. rest in peace and in we will be praying for Josh Brent and Brown's family during their time of bereavement. 

  Watch Video

 Watch Video


Cowboys player out on bail after arrest in crash that killed teammate

From Lateef Mungin, Chandler Friedman and Greg Botelho, CNN
(CNN) -- Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent was released from jail on $500,000 bond Sunday -- around the time his team pulled off an emotional, last-second win -- after his arrest in the fiery weekend car crash that killed his teammate.

Brent was arrested on suspicion of intoxication manslaughter after a Mercedes he was driving flipped and caught fire early Saturday in Irving, Texas, the Dallas suburb where the...Read full article, here.

Source, Photo and Video:
Source, Photo and Video:

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