Friday, December 14, 2012

NY Atheists' Holiday Billboards dishonors Jesus Christ while Christian some billboards are removed across America

Saints of God, look at the above photo, atheists in New York have the right to put up their billboard against Jesus Christ. Meanwhile, some of them have removed Christian billboards and other religious advertisements.   Do you think God is happy about that? 

We are living in a sad day, when we are witnessing so many tragedies while some atheists are displaying their opposition to Jesus Christ.   Does it make sense to display a public billboard that says 'Keep the Merry and Dump the Myth' while some people call on God in the midst of a tragedy?'  We think it is a shame that it seems like atheists have more rights than Christians these days and God is certainly not happy about it.

We want to forewarn the church, as long as some of your pastors are merging with sin as civil rights and are allowing the nightclub atmosphere in the house of God, Christians will continue to have less rights than atheists in this country and even abroad. It is time to return to pure holiness based on God's Word and holiness is not tradition, it is God's commandment.  The church needs to be a better example for righteousness, so the world will have no choice but to respect our Christian values and honor God across this nation.

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NY Atheists' Holiday Billboards Denounce as 'Vile'

Atheists are spreading their version of holiday cheer with a billboard that's raising more than a few eyebrows in New York City's Times Square.

The group American Atheists' latest display includes images of Santa Claus and Jesus and reads...Read full article, here.

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