Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pasedena Church Getting Vile Emails Over Muslim Conference

Evidently, some people do not want The All Saints Episcopal Church allowing a Muslim conference held in their sanctuary, because church officials have been allegedly receiving unfavorable emails.  Although, we can understand why they do not support interfaith affiliations, we cannot understand why they just can't dust their feet and allow them to do whatever they want to do.   We do not have to agree with people whom may mingle with those whom are not born again Christians, but the right thing to do is to love them at a distance.

SCR readers, we acknowledge some things God just does not agree with, but some people just want to fellowship with all faiths.  Therefore, those whom are not agreeing with this Muslim conference being held in a christian sanctuary should not try to persuade those whom have a set mind to diversify their religion.  As you can see with gay marriage, there are those whom just want to do what they want to do , no matter if it allegedly offends God and true born again Christians.  Yes, they do have a right to voice their opinions, but only in a Godly way.  Another thing, it would be a good idea would to start a church that is God-fearing and make sure the church officials would not be persuaded to mingle with other religions that would offend parishioners.   Sending vile emails to this church about allowing these Muslims to hold their conference in the church is not going to change anything in our opinion, but what will always work is fasting, prayer and stepping away from people whom have allegedly opposed pure christian values solely based on biblical principles.

In the meantime, we will continue pray for this church congregation of The All Saints Episcopal Church, including those whom oppose their decision to allow a Muslim conference.

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