Monday, December 17, 2012

President Obama Says Violence Must End, Can't tolerate it anymore

Respectively, we thought it was about 5 massacre shootings, but President Obama counts 4, which is bad enough.   He spoke to the nation on this following video clip, saying in his own words these mass shootings can no longer be tolerated and they must end.   Respectively, the only solution is Jesus Christ and immediately making it against the law to have a gun.

Saints of God, we have been so fortunate to see through a spiritual eye what God is saying, although this evil world may never agree.   In our opinion, God is calling for this nation of America to repent and uphold His standard for complete righteousness, so other nations will follow.   There used to be a time when America was a country that feared God, but now it seems as though things have gone too far.   If God is not the center of attention, then there is no way He can bind demonic forces from controlling evil individuals to commit these massacres.  However, we do agree with President Obama violence must end and it can no longer be tolerated.

Watch Video


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