Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sandy Hook Murders reveals possible demonic powers: Why do most modern day churches remain silent about this issue?

We are so glad to hear this Dean of Theology, Dr. Russell Moore allegedly bring in the subject of demonic powers and also the fact that many modern age Christians are too sophisticated to discuss demons being responsible for such evil that occurs.   Saints of God, we have had too many massacres in a America for the church not to call evil what it is.    Since these tragedies continue to occur why don't modern day churches return to complete holiness and began discussing demonic powers in control?  The prosperity gospel is not saving souls and while celebrity preachers are getting rich, demons are controlling the sick minds of killers like Adam Lanza.

You know, after listening to this following CBN video, Dr. Russell Moore does have a point.  However, although it is also accurate how the Devil attacks children, these mass shootings have been taking the lives of all ages.   In this case of the Sandy Hook murders, the alleged demon in the shooter targeted mostly children, because of his own jealousy and insecurity, according to  Allegedly, Adam Lanza accused his mother of loving those little children more than him, so this grown child had a demon of envy.   Many of these killers are demon possessed and when the demons tell them to kill, most often it is because of some sort of jealousy.    

Demons are very real folks and it is time for the church to return to pure holiness so they can start not only witnessing to these insane souls, but also be righteous enough to cast out these demons.  Some of these churches are so sophisticated the same demons that controlled Adam Lanza also have been controlling gunmen to attack inside of God's house.  Therefore, it is time for the sophistication to cease among mega ministries and other churches, so Christians can have more power to bind these demons and pray against these massacres that have been going on across the nation.  If the same thing is happening in the church, then how can the church have power to bind the demons out in the world?  God is not pleased at all this sophistication among modern age ministries.  Therefore, God says He has had enough of these prosperity preachers focusing on celebrity stardom.   He wants the church to get serious and get right with Him, so the world will desire to live for Jesus Christ and run to the church whenever they feel possessed by demons.

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Sandy Hook Unveils the Reality of Spiritual Warfare


The murder of 20 children and six adults in Newtown, Conn., has started a conversation about gun control and mental illness in our country.
However, there's one topic most politicians and media won't mention as...Read full article, here.

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