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Whitney Houston's Mother Cissy Breaks Silence in Upcoming Interview

Cissy Houston First interview since Whitney Houston's death

Whitney Houston's mother Cissy Houston, the gospel and soul singer, 78, breaks her silence about Whitney's shocking passing and its aftermath in a TV interview with New Jersey-based My9's 10 O'Clock News airing next Monday.

In the interview she speaks to My9 at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, NJ, where the funeral was held. My9 says Cissy admits her mourning process is far from over.

Read more of the story here and see clips of Cissy Houston's interview HERE

Bible Thrown in the Church- Are We Making Mockery of God's House?

black church joke throws bible

When you see the video, you may agree with us that there are some that make church, the black church a pure joke. World Star Hip Hop, who uploaded the video calls it "Comedy in the Black Church". It should be clear that throwing the bible in the air has nothing to do with God. It looked staged, if you ask us. And the pastor looked as though she really thought she had done something special... NOT!

We wonder why our society is so misconstrued and does not really know or have a real relationship with God.

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Church Woman Declares ‘The Blood of Jesus’ Over Street Fight [VIDEO]

Woman declares the Blood of Jesus Christ
When we saw this video, it took one of our writers back in time. She stated that her mother used to do just what the woman in the video did. She would declare the 'blood of Jesus' over men in the streets arguing and fighting.

Read full article here and see video:

Church Woman Declares ‘The Blood of Jesus’ Over Two Men Fighting in the Street [VIDEO] | AT2W

Update: Thousands Gather At Memorial Service For Murdered School Teacher Melissa Jenkins

Thousands of mourners gathered in memory of science school teacher Melissa Jenkins.  Many people were sad as they went on Friday to honor such a nice and beautiful person who reached out to everyone.   Those who knew her best remembered only good things about her as they joined friends, co-workers and loved ones at her memorial service.   Melissa Jenkins was such a sweet soul whom did not deserve to die neither did her son deserve to be left alone with his beloved mother.   

If you have kept up with this story about school teacher, Melissa Jenkins, then you can recall she was murdered by a married couple now facing capitol murder.  They lured her by calling her to come out and help them.  They lied to Melissa Jenkins and told her they were stranded and could not get their car to start.   When she arrived with her son, they snatched her from her, poured bleach on her naked body and threw her in the river.  This is one of the worst crimes in history of America. 

We cannot understand why a lot of good people have left us in tragic ways, but one thing is for sure, God has an answer and we are sure Melissa Jenkins is better off in His hands than this evil world. 

May Melissa Jenkins rest in peace and we cannot wait to meet her in heaven.  Rest in peace, Melissa Jenkins.

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Thousands gather for memorial service of murdered school teacher Melissa Jenkins

By Daily Mail Reporter

A crowd of thousands gathered yesterday for the memorial service of Melissa Jenkins, the teacher who went missing last weekend and was found murdered on Monday.

More than 2,000 people attended the memorial service at St.Johnsbury Academy, Vermont, the school where she taught, to remember the beloved teacher and single mother.

Allen and Patricia Prue were charged with her murder on Wednesday. The married couple allegedly lured Jenkins out of her home claiming their car had broken down before beating and strangling her to death. Jenkins' 2-year-old son...Read full article, here
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Video: FDA Won't Ban BPA Chemical in Packaging: God Says, 'My People Perish For The Lack Of Knowledge'

Brothers and sisters in Christ, when God's Word told us in the book of Hosea 4:6, 'My people perish (are destroyed) for the lack of knowledge,' it clearly meant that many Christians may really know God and completely serve Him, but they fail to educate themselves about the things that are harmful to them within society. For instance, many health related illnesses do not have to be a death sentence, if many people would learn how to naturally treat their condition, according to their own faith.  In this case of the FDA allegedly refusing to approve a ban on BPA (bisphenol-A) in food packaging, we are forewarning you to take heed now and beware of chemicals that are causing many cases of health risks.   No doubt, this is possibly something that has been going on for years, but we did not know about it, but now that we know, God wants us to take precaution before buying certain foods and drinks, which could cause problems for us, years later.

Think about it, many of our friends and loved ones possibly died early of an incurable disease, because they did not know about this BPA chemical, allegedly being used in packaging for foods and drinks.   All because they did not know, there sickness, then eventually death was possibly caused by this chemical.   Think about it, we are talking about millions and millions of sick people whom are no longer here with us, because they lacked knowledge about this alleged deadly chemical, according to environmentalists whom tried to get their petition approved by the FDA.

Although, we have been drinking sodas, water and juices out of bottles and eating many different types of foods out of canned containers for many years of our lives, it does not mean we are in danger.   God has protected many of us, because He knows we did not know any better, but now that we know, we must make a wise decision to only buy certain foods and drinks in safe containers, because it is not safe according to this sudden news.   

As for FDA not approving this ban on BPA chemical in packaging, we think it is very unfair to us as consumers.   However, if we as children of God become wiser and smarter when we buy what goes into our bodies, then these companies would lose billions of dollars, then the FDA would possibly have no choice but to change their mind.   Furthermore, let us as Christians, be smart and began to be business minded and start our own companies and refuse to use BPA chemical in our packaging, which is what a company that manufactures baby bottles decided to do when they discovered this controversy.   Therefore, we should not only be wise to what foods and drinks we may choose buy, but we can also be very wise to starting our companies to attract many consumers from other companies that refuse to stop using this alleged deadly chemical, which could make children of God very rich.  For example, there are some drinking containers now sold with a sticker that says, 'BPA Free', which is something that should be included on every product we choose to eat or drink, if not, we should not buy it.  Even better, if you choose to become an entrepreneur and sell foods and drinks in containers, just the label alone, BPA FREE could make you a lot of money, because people whom know about this following news we are about to reveal to you on video desire to be healthy and not be diagnosed with a deadly disease later on in life.

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FDA Won't Ban BPA Chemical in Packaging

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced today that it won't ban bisphenol A (BPA), the controversial chemical that is widely used in food packaging.

The agency rejected a petition by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) that called for a ban on BPA as an ingredient in food packaging saying in a statement the council didn't have the scientific data needed for the FDA to change current regulations on the chemical.

But the FDA stressed it would continue to review the safety of BPA.

In response to the FDA's rejection of its proposal, the NRDC...Read full article, here.

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Photo Courtesy: David McNew/Getty Images 

Bishop Joseph Walker Hit With Another Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit

Bishop Joseph Walker Sued again for misconduct

A former church member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Corey Corbin, filed a $5 million lawsuit against Bishop Joseph Walker on Thursday. Corbin is claiming that the Bishop 'ruined Corbin’s marriage by sleeping with Corbin’s former wife, Kesha Moore.' The couple are reported to have went to counseling "specifically marital counseling for sexual problems." Source

Sidebar: We are sorry but this was a red flag. They would have done better going to a secular counselor on this one.

Read more at:

Bishop Joseph Walker Faces Second Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit Filed For $5 Million | AT2W

Opera Singer Brian Tierney Found Shot In Car In Critical Condition: Let's Pray God Spares His Life

Whenever we hear of tragic news, regarding someone whom was living their life working for Lord, we are supposed to come in unity and pray for their lives.   In this case of Brian Tierney, 29, not only an opera singer, but he lived his life as a choir director for his church.   We may not have known him personally, but this man lived his life working for God and just because he is in critical condition, it does not mean his life has to end.   Therefore, we believe God can bring this man out of critical condition to stable, then discharge him from the hospital to go home.   We do not believe in a death sentence when it comes to one of our brothers and sisters in the body of Christ.   So, it is our assignment to instantly pray, because we know God is a healer and he is yet working miracles.

It is very odd that someone shot into Brian Tierney's car, multiple times.   Police have not yet figured out a motive, but we know Satan always creates enemies against children of God.  A lot of jealousy takes place when you are blessed with a talent such as being an opera singer and choir director like Brian Tierney.  So, it could be a case of foul play. Whatever sort of case it is, we acknowledge all things work together for the good to them that love God (Romans 8:28), so just because the doctors are saying it does not look good, this is nothing but a trial for the family of Brian Tierney to trust God and according to their faith, this will be a testimony for Brian to tell when he gets better.

Let's pray for our brother in Christ, Brian Tierney, dear brothers and sisters:

Dear Father, we come to you right now, bringing the life of our dear brother, Brian Tierney to you.   Brian is facing death right now, but we know you are a healer and can do anything but fail.  We do not understand how this attempted murder happen or for what reason anyone would shoot at your son's car, but we do know you send trials of all types to make us strong. Father, we humbly ask you to reverse Brian Tierney's critical condition and make him well.   Touch and anoint his body, so that he may raise up and testify of your goodness and what miracles you worked in his life.   Lord Jesus, let this situation turn out for the good, do not allow this young man to die as such a young age of 29-years-old.   You gave your children life to be a living witness for you, not for Satan's satisfaction.   God whomever shot into to this man's car, we ask you to bring them to justice, right now.     We know you saw everything and you know what is behind the motive.   We bind every demon that tries to get in the way of this man's life and we humbly ask you to make a way after you raise him up for him to continue to do what he was doing for your glory as a choir director, including as an opera singer.   We ask our request be done in your name, Amen.

Opera Singer Brian Tierney Found Shot Along Portland, Oregon Interstate 

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Police say they don't know much about how or why a 29-year-old opera singer and church choir director was shot multiple times in a car along a Portland, Ore., interstate.

It was unclear if Tierney was pulled over when he was shot, but police say they don't think he was the victim of a sniper. They also don't suspect the shooting was...Read full article, here.

Source: Huffington Post
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Update: Thirteen-year-old Boy, Noah Crooks Who Shot His Mother Dead and Then Called Police Tried To Sexually Abuse Her: How Could Something Like This Happen?

How could a mother's own son of any age tried to rape his own mother?  However, in this case of Noah Crooks, he is only 13 years old and by his innocent continence seems incapable of doing such a thing, but because of today's evil in society and in the media, we believe anything is possible.  As for today's society, their is a lack of biblical discipline, which instructs parents to use corporal punishment.   The Bible says in Proverbs 13.24, 'He who spares his rod hates his son, But he who loves him disciplines him promptly.'  As post our opinion all the time, we feel America needs to go back to biblical values.  We feel too many children are ruling their households as though they are the parent and in this case, this child for some reason allegedly felt he had the right to sexually assault his mother and allegedly kill her if she did not return his request.   Then at age 13, we question what type of entertainment was this child allowed to watch?  There are so many cartoons and video games that are allegedly demonic inspired, which is allegedly proven at the end of this post.   Although we do not blame Gretchen Crooks for the way she raised her child, we do know that children should no longer be allowed to watch television, movies or even play video games.

We do not know what happened in the Crooks household, but we do know some sort demonic force controlled this child to try to sexually abuse his mother and then kill her and it had to come from somewhere.   Usually, whatever environment a troubled child is around is what causes them to act out in such strange ways.  In this case, possibly Gretchen and her husband William Crooks tried to provide a good home, but in our opinion if God is not ruling the household, it is not a good home.   Furthermore, if Noah Crooks was always watching cartoons, movies on television and playing video games, his mind was possibly being controlled by demonic influences that reveals a lot of wickedness.   We are not saying all of them, but much of today's entertainment is not emotionally safe for any child.   Therefore, it is no longer important for parents to worry about spoiling their child with activities, so they will not be lonely, it is time to think about what is negatively affecting the child in today's society.   Many of today's parents get very upset when their child is not given much entertainment, but really they ought to be very careful what they allow their child to watch on television and any other type of entertainment.   This is why our society has so many troubled children of all races and ages, today, they are not spending enough time studying their school work and not even learning about Jesus Christ.   This is why it is so very important for parents to get to know Jesus Christ.   Make a wise decision and repent, because it is time for Christianity to rule in each and every household.  No child should even have the demon of lust and murder in them at age 13 or any other age.  Each and every household should instill biblical morals and values and teach their children not to take part in any sort of wicked activity.   It does not matter how many children are allowed to watch certain cartoons and movies, it is time for parents to become so filled with God's spirit, they will not mind being different when it comes to disciplining and raising their child.   In Proverbs, 22:6, 'Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.'  In this case, Noah Crooks did not even get a chance to grow up into manhood before alleged demons possessed him to harm his mother, Gretchen.

Another thing, although your child may attend school with other children, it is not a good idea for them to mingle with everybody, because many children are not being raised in a Christian environment.   If they cannot win them to Jesus Christ, they should not associate with them, just be kind.  Many children in some public or even parochial schools are being allowed to do anything they want and watch anything they want in their parents house and it is not a good thing in the eyes of the Lord.   Too many children are snatching their position to control their household as though they are in authority and in our opinion, this is a demonic force that should not be allowed in any home.   Children should be so innocent, they would be afraid to rebel in any form or fashion.  However, many times if they are associating with the wrong sort of kids and not trained to spend time in their studies and especially in the Word of God, they will follow what they see or hear.   In other wards, teach your children to be Christian leaders and not followers of this evil world.

 Gretchen Crooks may have lived a good life, studying for her master's in a nursing program, but her 13-year-old son, Noah obviously lacked salvation.  May she rest in peace, very sad she had to die in the hands of her own young son.

Alleged Demonic Influence In Cartoons

Watch This 2nd Clip, Video Games Demonic and Satanic

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Pictured: Boy, 13, who 'shot dead his mother, 37, with a hunting rifle after attempting to sexually abuse her' 

By Nina Golgowski and Rachel Quigley

Police continue to look for a possible motive in the shooting death of Gretchen Crooks, allegedly by her 13-year-old son Noah.

Police responding to the Crooks home, in Osage, Iowa, on Saturday night, found the woman shot multiple times after her teenage son - the alleged shooter - called 911.

'We're at a loss. These are good people,' sheriff Curt Younker said.

There was no history of domestic abuse or criminal records associated with any Crooks family members. 

The 13-year-old boy who allegedly shot...Read full article, here.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Update: Married Couple Strangled School Teacher, Melissa Jenkins and Covered Her Naked Body With Bleach: One of the Most Worst Crimes In History

Now, police are investigation of the worst crimes in history. Married couple, Allen and Patricia Prue are accused of allegedly killing Melissa Jenkins.  They both called her as if they were stranded and needed help.  They both lured her away from her 2-year-old child and poured bleach on her naked body.   The Prue's left this gruesome discovery as though they had no consideration for this woman's life neither did they care about her son left in the car without her.  They dumped Melissa's nude body in the Connecticut river.  Just observing this case, reveals it is obvious you cannot trust man nor woman, these two killers are responsible for taking this woman's life.   Just looking at both of them, we feel cold evil spirits and we feel very bad science teacher, Melissa Jenkins hired them two years before to plow snow in her driveway.   Allen and Patricia murdered Jenkins for their own selfish reasons, what those exact reasons are, police are waiting to find out.  Really, there should be no excuse for this married couple to have committed such a hideous crime such as this one.

We want to forewarn women and men, it does not matter if someone seemed kind to do work for you, because they lack financial security, be very careful whom calls your house and requests for you to meet them at a certain location, because they are stranded.    Make sure you tell them to call roadside assistance or a family member of theirs to help them, because many people on earth are demon possessed and have no consideration for humanity.   Many people whom live on earth among us are not followers of Jesus Christ and have been on assignment to cause harm to innocent souls like this young mother, Melissa Jenkins.   Also, be very careful whom you call to do work around your house.  If you cannot do it yourself, hire a family member to do it.

May school teacher, Melissa Jenkins rest in peace with God and we pray her son grows up and never has to face such wickedness as his late mother.   Furthermore, we also pray that this married couple repents, because if do not find Jesus Christ, they will face judgement in eternal hell.

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Married couple 'strangled teacher, doused her naked body in bleach and dumped it in river after luring her out of her home by claiming their car had broken down' 

The couple accused of murdering Vermont school teacher Melissa Jenkins lured her from her home by claiming that their vehicle had broken down, court documents revealed today.

Allen Prue, 30, and his wife Patricia Prue, 33, allegedly called the 33-year-old mother out to help them on Sunday night before they strangled and beat her to death.
Having killed her, they allegedly doused her in bleach and dumped her naked body into the Connecticut river. 

Allen Prue told police that he wanted to ‘get a girl’ on Sunday night and he had asked Jenkins out in the past, according to the court documents.  

Police began searching for the single mother when a friend found her unharmed two-year-old son abandoned in her idling SUV on a remote back road and raised the alarm. 

The only motive suggested in the court documents was that Allen Prue...Read full article, here.

Source, Video and Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy: Vermont State Police/AP Photo

Thirteen-year-old Shoots His Mother Dead and Then Calls Police: How To Avoid Satanic Forces That Control Your Children With The Demon of Murder

This story is very sad, but this is an obvious silent message that we need to spread the message of Jesus Christ more than  every before.   If this 13-year-old boy is really guilty of murdering his mother, Gretchen Crooks one thing he possibly was lacking was learning about Jesus Christ and becoming a Christian youth.   It is time for all races to recognize there is a Devil and he has demons controlling all ages of humanity to kill, even within the family.   Satan and his demons does not just have souls captive in eternal hell in the bowels of the earth, he has a program to come upon God's planet to ruin lives and he does not care whom he uses.  When it comes to children, many people may think it is not really necessarily to offer them salvation, but it is very important, because if not, we will continue to see such strange crimes happening among us.   Let us be very serious and acknowledge, we all must be very serious about God and reaching souls for His Kingdom.   Gretchen Crooks was only 37-years-old and did not deserve for her life to at such a young age, allegedly, in the hands of her own son.

Just as we posted in a previous article, regarding the 14-year-old teen who allegedly shot and killed his mother in Detroit, we still believe the same thing, guns should not be in the household, not for hunting neither for protection.  We believe fascination with guns is very dangerous and are often used as a demonic plot to murder.   Gretchen's husband, William Crooks allegedly had a fascination with guns, according to Mail Online and just like in the murder case in Detroit, this 13-year-old allegedly got a hold of one of his father's guns, a .22 caliber hunting rifle and allegedly murdered his mother.

The report found on Daily Mail also mentioned this 13-year-old son of the victim was allegedly calm when police met him on a highway.  This is an abnormal behavior and should make us very concern what sort of children are attending schools among our children.   We must be very cautious when we allow our children to associate with certain children, regardless of what age, because although they make look nice, you never know what is buried in their spirit.   Therefore, this child could have harmed anyone if he had a lot of hurt, bitterness and hate suppressed in him.   No child should ever be calm after murdering their mother or father.   So, this in an alert for us to win more parents to get to know Jesus Christ, so they can command Satan to flee in their homes, if they sense any abnormal behavior among their children. Then, they will be able to win them to Jesus Christ.  We are not saying this mother, Gretchen Crooks was not a born again Christian, what we are saying is this, for many of you parents whom have denied Jesus Christ and are atheists, you are in danger, because the scripture tells us, "The thief (Satan) comes to kill, steal to destroy, but He (God) comes that we might have life and have it more abundantly."  Therefore, in this day and age of people denying Christ and avoiding Christianity, we ought to have more people running to Jesus Christ.  We ought to hear of more parents not condoning rebellion of their children disrespecting adults.  We ought to hear of more parents repenting and bowing before the throne of God.   We ought to hear of more parents approaching legislatures to support prayer to return to schools and not allow atheists to neglect children's rights to pledge to the American flag or reading their Bible on school campuses.   We need parents to acknowledge that Jesus is the only way to salvation and not follow the evil ways of Satan worshipers whom are dominating this country and abroad.   Seriously, if we want all of these cases of children turning against their parents, then we need hear of more parents of all races coming together to combat Satanic forces that are opposing Christianity in our country of America.   For instance, just like in the latest case of Trayvon Martin, many people are marching for his killer to face justice (nothing wrong with them doing so) and homosexuals are fighting for their right to marry each other (very wrong), Christians need to join together the same way in honor of Jesus Christ and not condone rebellion against God in this country, then maybe things will get much better and these cases will cease among us.   

Shouldn't Christians unite to enforce morals and values and sinners are the only ones always rallying for their right to spread the message of Jesus Christ?   If we are so tired of the lives of parents being destroyed by the hands of their own children, then we must make up in our minds to take action against demonic forces by pleasing God and completely following His commandments.

May Gretchen Crooks rest in peace and we pray her thirteen-year-old son repents for his sin of murder and rebellion if he is guilty of doing so.

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'He was very calm and stoic': 13-year-old 'shoots dead his mother, 37, in their home and then calls police'

By Nina Golgowski

A 13-year-old boy has been arrested after allegedly shooting his 37-year-old mother dead in their home.

Police responding to the home of Gretchen Crooks, of Osage, Iowa, on Saturday night found the woman shot multiple times, according to Mitchell County Sheriff's Office. Her teenage son - the alleged shooter - made the call.

'The emotions of the young man, from what I've been told, is his demeanour was very calm and kind of stoic. Almost like he was in shock also,' Deputy Greg Beaver told KTTC.

 Noah Crooks allegedly fired a...Read full article, here.

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Video Courtesy:

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Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp Wants a Wife But Not a First Lady [VIDEO]

Gospel Singer Pastor  Marvin Sapp Dating But No First Lady for Him

Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp Wants a Wife But Not a First Lady [VIDEO]
Thanks to our friends over at, we were able to see a video interview of gospel singer and pastor Marvin Sapp while he was on the One Love Gospel Cruise. The interview speaks much on how he's dating now since his wife Malinda died nearly 2 years ago. He shared some interesting thoughts about what type of woman he's looking for.

Read more at:

Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp Talks Dating and Doesn’t Want a First Lady [VIDEO] | AT2W

Church Giving Down $1.2 Billion in 2010- COGIC Church Top 5 on List

Church Giving Declined in 2010 during recession
According to the 2012 Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches, the almost $29 billion contributed by church members represented a 2.2 percent decrease in terms of per capita giving.

The $1.2 billion decline in 2010 was nearly three times as large as the $431 million in losses reported in 2009, and "provides clear evidence of the impact of the deepening crises in the reporting period," the Yearbook's editor, the Rev. Eileen Lindner, wrote.

 Read more:

Church Members Gave $1.2 Billion Less in The Recession of 2010 | AT2W

Raffles van Exel Admits He Removed Evidence in Whitney Houston’s Hotel Room

raffles van exel and whitney houston
The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office has confirmed that there was cocaine in Whitney Houston's system when she died. But there is a question to why were there drugs in the singer's system but strangely enough there were no traces of drugs in her hotel room.

Now, what we are about to mention is what we felt in our heart of heart's in the case in Whitney Houston's death. The person that was hanging out with the singer days before and on the day of her death, has come forward. The infamous Raffles van Exel, known as a Hollywood Con and now widely known to have taken the casket photos of Whitney Houston, has admitted that he wiped the Beverly Hilton Hotel room clean of....

Read more at: 

Hollywood Con Raffles van Exel Admits He Tampered with Evidence in Whitney Houston’s Hotel Room | AT2W

Watch Video: Strauss-Kahn Warned Over Alleged Prostitution Ring: Everything Hidden Will Come To Light

In Mark 4:22, the scripture reads: 'For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.'  Therefore, although it may seem Strauss-Kahn may not have paid for raping his former African maid, all other sinful affairs will come out, because it is not right for him to have allegedly offered to pay off the maid's family and then when the case continued against him, everything seemed to work out in his favor.  Therefore, it does not matter how rich Strauss-Kahn is, every evil thing he discreetly involved himself in will be revealed before the nation.

Now Strauss-Kahn has been under investigation for alleged aggravated pimping in France.   The investigation has been going on for about a year.   If convicted, he could serve 20 years in prison and be forced to pay a 3 million dollar fine, according to CNN report on this following video.

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(CNN) -- Former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was formally warned Monday that he is under investigation for "aggravated pimping" for his alleged participation in a prostitution ring in France, prosecutors said.

He is not allowed to have contact with other people involved in the investigation, nor is he permitted to talk to the media about the case. Strauss-Kahn was released under a 100,000-euro bail, according to prosecutors.

Strauss-Kahn is now at a point in the French legal system that comes after an arrest and before charges.

Earlier in the day, he was questioned by a judge about his alleged involvement in the...Read full article, here.

Source, Video and Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:AP/Getty Images

Update & Video: Missing Vermont Teacher Melissa Jenkins Body Found

This is an update from yesterday's news, regarding school teacher, Melissa Jenkins' disappearance.  You see the Devil has got games and this one took the life of this woman. Jenkins told her parents she was going to help someone who called her with car trouble.  Who called Jenkins is certainly a mystery.   Now, police are looking for the killer, because they say possibly her body was found out in a remote wooded area.

When you watch this following video, you will be able to tell how close she was to her child.  She also seemed to be a very kind person and someone knew she would come out and help them.   Whomever murdered her followed Satan's assignment to take her life and leave her son all alone.  This is very sad, but these are the sort of things happening today and the only way to stop it, is for us to come in agreement to bind the demon of murder.   Satan has a plan to destroy each and everyone of our lives, so we must humble ourselves before the almighty throne of God to fast and pray. In God's Word, it says this in John 10:10,  'The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.'  Demonic forces are very strong and they have crept around God's planet earth for a very longtime.  Therefore, as true saints of God it is time to take dominion against Satan and his demons.   This person no doubt plotted to murder this woman, because they are possessed with the demon of murder, but it is not impossible for the police to find out who they are.  It is so very important this killer get off the streets and so we must pray he or she is caught by police as soon as possible.  

Another thing, Melissa Jenkins was a very active person, she worked various jobs.  She not only worked as a science teacher, but she also worked as a coach and waitress in the evening.   The person who called her seemed to know phone number and call her up in case of an emergency, someone close to her like a friend.   Therefore, possibly police could look into possible suspects at the school were she worked or whom spent leisure time with her.  Although, police find her death suspicious, it seems to be someone who knew her very well.

May Melissa Jenkins rest in peace and may God be with her young son.

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Missing Vermont Teacher Melissa Jenkins: Police Warn Town as Body Possibly Found

The discovery of a body believed to be that of teacher Melissa Jenkins, whose SUV was found earlier this week still running with her 2-year-old son inside, has left police alarmed that whoever might have harmed her will strike again.

The body of Jenkins, 33, who was a teacher from St. Johnsbury, Vt., is believed to have been found 16 hours after she vanished on a dark Vermont road Sunday night. Residents of the town of fewer than 8,000 people, which sits roughly 40 miles from the Canadian border, are were stunned after her disappearance and the discovery of the body, while police are telling residents to remain vigilant.

"I cannot disclose the details of how the body was found or the condition of the body, but this death is considered suspicious...Read full article, here.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bobby Brown Arrested on Suspicion of Driving Under the Influence: After Whitney Houston's Death Will He Ever Be Happy?

On a previous report, regarding if Bobby Brown after the death of Whitney Houston, Johnny Gill, a member of New Edition spoke out on his behalf, protecting Bobby Brown's innocence.    However, we beg to differ with him, Bobby Brown was Whitney Houston's husband and if he cared he should have not only sought treatment for himself, but also for her.   Any husband who truly is in love with his wife is going to help her avoid drug use and emotional distress, it does not matter how much he may have used it.   This is why after her death, do not be surprise what may become of Bobby Brown.  God is not going to allow him to live a peaceful life, after how he allegedly mistreated Whitney.   God loved her so much, she did not deserve endure such emotional pain during her marriage neither did she deserve to be found dead in a hotel bathtub.  

On this following video that reveals Johnny Gill's thoughts, we will say there is a higher judge and God witnessed what happened in the previous marriage between Bobby Brown and his ex-wife, Whitney Houston.  So, just because he went on national television to defend him, God will not allow him to go forth in life without reaping the consequences of any alleged pain he caused Whitney Houston.   Friends and family cannot keep God's wrath from someone who does not repent for the wrong they have done in our opinion.   This news of Bobby Brown's DUI is very light to what worse circumstances he could be experiencing after the death of his wife who sought help on her own to beat the drug addiction.   Therefore, it does not matter whom defends Bobby Brown, the Bible says this in Job 4:8,
'As I have seen, those who plow iniquity and sow trouble reap the same.'  In Galatians 6:7, it says this in God's Word, 'Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.'

Note: We are not saying Bobby Brown was the cause of her addiction, but we are saying he could have been the cause of her dependency on it. Naturally, when someone who dies of addiction whomever is allegedly responsible for their addiction will suffer to overcome their own.

We are praying for Bobby Brown's complete deliverance and really hope he seeks spiritual help.

 Watch Video

Watch Video

Bobby Brown arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence

By Amelia Proud

Bobby Brown has just been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old was pulled over Reseda, California at 12:20 PM PST for allegedly driving while talking on a cell phone, according to TMZ.

They also report that Bobby is currently in custody in Van Nuys jail.
Brown failed four field sobriety tests according to Radar...Read full article, here.

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Melissa Jenkins Missing: Baby Found In Abandoned Car Of Vermont School Teacher

This case of Melissa Jenkins being snatched from her car and leaving her baby behind, reminds us of previous horrific cases that involved many women whom were discovered missing after they either divorced their husbands or were in the process of divorcing them.  Now, we do not know what happened to this 33-year-old woman, but we do know this seems to be a case of foul play.  Investigators mentioned there seemed to be a struggle in the car.  Whomever it was struggling with Melissa Jenkins may have had sense enough not to harm the child, but to struggle with this little boy's mother (in front of him) was very senseless.  The person was cold and had no concern for the child's well-being, after taking away the closest person to him.   It is time for us as saints of God to pray against this demon of murder that specifically attacks mothers and leaves their children without them.   Satan is cruel and absolutely has no concern and this is why he plants the demon of murder inside of cold, cruel, and cunning men and women whom do not mind taking on an assignment for him.

We want to forewarn all races to get right with God.  Satan is out to get whomever he can and once you die and face judgement whatever it maybe, there is no return.   So many times, people deny that evil exist and they cannot be touched, but our scripture tells us in Job 1:7, 'And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.'  In I Peter 5:8, the Bible says this: 'Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:'   One last biblical scripture in John 10:10 says:  'The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.'  Therefore, it pays to make very sure you are right with God.   If ever approached when you are truly saved and completely following God's biblical commandments, Satan has no choice but to step back.  Now, we are not judging Melissa Jenkins, we don't know her, we are just trying to help you women and men to learn how to protect yourself from demonic forces.  We are living on an evil planet.  Although God created earth, the reason why evil fails to completely cease among us, is because much of humanity rebels against God.  So, if men, women and children continue to rebel, then Satan continues to combat God for souls.  

It does not matter what color you are, it does not matter your background, age or sex, the main thing is to give your life to Jesus Christ and make sure you completely avoid all sin as instructed in the Word of God, so when you command Satan to flee, he has no choice but to leave you and your children alone.

However, we pray for Melissa Jenkins wherever she maybe and we bind the evil forces within a treacherous evil soul of a kidnapper whom has a potential to murder to step back in the name of Jesus and leave her alone.   It does not matter if it is a stranger, husband or boyfriend, we command Satan to step back and leave this woman alone.   For many years, Satan has been in a constant battle with God for souls and so as we continue to hear about these horrific reports, we will continue to unite, fast and pray against demonic forces that come up from the pit of hell to cause all of these strange occurrences.  Furthermore, we pray for the young child who was left all alone in the car.

Melissa Jenkins Missing: Baby Found In Abandoned Car Of Vermont School Teacher

Authorities in Vermont are in a desperate search for Melissa Jenkins, a missing school teacher whose SUV was found abandoned along the side of a road with her 2-year-old child alone inside.

Police got a call around 11:30 p.m. Sunday from a friend of Jenkins' who spotted the 33-year-old single mother's 2006 silver Suzuki Grand Vitara -- with its still engine running -- along Goss Hollow Road in St. Johnsbury. The location is not far from where Jenkins lives, according to Vermont State Police Captain Dave Covell.

Police found no sign of Jenkins, but they did find indications at the scene that she had not voluntarily left her vehicle.

"Responding Troopers observed evidence at the scene to indicate that Ms. Jenkins' disappearance is the result of foul play as evidence present showed signs that a struggle had occurred," Vermont State Police Major Ed Ledo told reporters during a Monday afternoon press conference.

Ledo did not elaborate further on any potential evidence...Read full article, here.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Can We Blame Pastor Paula White?: Former Lakeland Church Burglarized

 Paula White's neglected Without Wall Central Church
We are not sorry to say that people should blame Pastor Paula White for this. This beautiful historic building that she once owned but never could fill the seats nor keep a pastor on duty is really a disgrace for the community of Lakeland, Florida.The church was allegedly improperly managed regarding its finances. It was abandoned in August last year and she allegedly obtained pastoral leadership of the late Pastor Zachery Tims church New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida.

Read report below:
A trio of robbers must not have gotten all they came for from a Lakeland church Wednesday. The three were caught in the act Thursday night hitting up the same church again.

According to Lakeland Police, a Community Response Team saw the black pickup truck drive up to the back of Carpenter's Home Church Without Walls around 8:30 p.m. Thursday and force themselves inside the building through a side door.

Read more: 

Blame Pastor Paula White: Her Former Lakeland Church was Burglarized By A Trio of Thieves | AT2W

Jericho City of Praise Members Stop Tithes and Offerings and Pastor Sued By Board

Jericho City of Praise Pastor Joel Peeples

You know some of these church boards are just down right evil. We are sorry but it is true. They know they have power and authority over many things concerning the church and they use and abuse that authority to the highest degree.

We want to thank our friends over at The Church Lady Blogs site for this exclusive. Apparently members of Jericho City of Praise are sick and tired of the church board having so much control that they feel they should not disclose how the church's finances are being distributed and used.  We are so happy because the members have now been withholding tithes and offerings until they get the financial information they want from the board.

In retaliation, Jericho City of Praise church board wants to now sue Pastor Joel Peeples  because of what the church members have done; or should we say, have not done. This is the messiest church board we have ever heard of and we are praying for the board to be broken up and reconstructed.

Check out the letter sent to The Church Lady about the lawsuit below:

Church Lady,

Thank you for your continued prayers. Pastor Joel remains our Pastor much to the dismay of the self appointed rogue board.  He is moving forward with the vision despite the attempts to thwart him.  Our congregation...

Read more at: 

Jericho City of Praise Church Members Withhold Tithes and Offerings and Board Sues Pastor In Retaliation | AT2W

TBN’s Paul and Jan Crouch Face Troubles With Lawsuits and Finances Exposed

TBN’s Paul and Jan Crouch Face Troubles With Lawsuits and Finances Exposed

We have to say that it is about time these big dogs get shut down and exposed for the longtime recruiting of funds in the name of Jesus. TBN and The Crouches have been playing this game for a long, long time and if its time for their empire to crumble then we say, Hallelujah!!

Read below the report from SFGate:

Their granddaughter, Brittany Koper, recently filed court papers that include allegations of $50 million in financial shenanigans at the world's largest Christian broadcasting network. Her suit was followed by another from a Koper in-law, who detailed opulent spending at the network on items such as private jets, mansions in California, Tennessee and Florida and a $100,000 mobile home for Jan Crouch's dogs.

Read more at:

TBN’s Paul and Jan Crouch Face Mounting Lawsuits and Scrutiny By Granddaughter | AT2W

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fugitive Ronald Bridgeforth After 42 Years Turns Himself In and Gets One Year In Jail: God Was With This Man Because of His Integrity and Honesty

Fugitive Ronald Bridgeforth had been on the run for 42 years and even changed his name to dodge authorities.   He had cleaned up his life, got married, worked as a guidance counselor and earned a Master's degree.  This seems like a changed man, because he possibly gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ.   This is why we try to encourage all of our readers, if you truly repent to God for your sins, He will forgive you, it does not matter what anyone else has to say about your past.  Ronald Bridgeforth's life is a testimony and he is a perfect example of what God can do and how He can be fair after you admit the truth about your mistakes in life.

Ronald Bridgeforth is not just a man who had done wrong and avoided paying the consequences, he is a man who God allowed to go through his own trial to reveal transformation.   This man lived an honest life, not one who decided to continue to steal like he once was accused of doing, he chose to do right.  Possibly, he only jumped bail, because he was scared.  It is also a great possibility, he changed his identity, because he was afraid of facing the law.   However, finally courage stepped in after 42 years for him to reveal who is really is, Ronald Bridgeforth, a man who once broke the law, but now is changed man.   It is a blessing Ronald Bridgeforth received only a year in jail.  God was on his side in that court room, because of his integrity and honesty.

Furthermore, it takes a strong woman behind a good man and his wife stood by him all these years and was the only one who knew about his past.

Fugitive who turned himself in 'because it was right thing to do' is sentenced to a year in jail after 42 years hiding in plain sight

By Laura Cox

A fugitive with a guilty conscience has turned himself in after 42 years on the run.

Ronald Bridgeforth, 67, hid in plain sight, baffling detectives hunting him for his 1968 crime, when he opened fire on San Fransisco police after allegedly using a stolen credit card to buy $29 worth of clothes and toys at a discount store.

He shot rounds at the officers who fired back, shooting him in the foot and arrested him. No one else was injured.

The 67-year-old dropped his cover in November when he confessed his crime to police at the...Read full article, here.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Polo Millionaire who Adopted girlfriend Found Guilty of DUI Manslaughter: How Could an Heir of Fortune Not Be Responsible Behind the Wheel of a Car?

John Goodman was honest enough to admit his blood alcohol level was over the limit when he mistakenly took the life of his young 23-year-old victim, Scott Wilson.  Wilson's mother Lili wept while listening to Goodman's 911 call in court.   The thought of a millionaire driving under the influence lack of responsibility took her son's life is yet devastating as John explained what happened before and after the crash in his own words.  According to in a previous report, he adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend Heather Hutchins last fall. The move means she is entitled to up to a third of his biological children's $300 million trust fund.   Therefore, how could a man with so much fortune not be responsible while driving behind the wheel of a car.   He had the money to buy a nice Bentley, but lack responsibility to be cautious as a driver.  

It seems like there a lesson to be learned today, not only in this case of Polo millionaire John Goodman, but also in the previous case of Dr. Tim Rose, 'having money alone is not enough, you must be very wise in order to really enjoy your life and one can't have wisdom, if they are not serving God.'   As for John Goodman to be driving under the influence, it reveals he certainly does not have a relationship with God.   Even if he offered, his fortune could never bring back his 23-year-old victim, Scott Wilson, because life cannot be bought.  He could have very well also lost his life.   So what good is John Goodman's money without God?

May Scott Wilson rest in peace and our prayers are with his mother, Lili Wilson.  We also pray John Goodman finds God and lives for Him.

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Polo millionaire who adopted girlfriend to protect his fortune found guilty of DUI manslaughter and faces 30 years in jail

By Daily Mail Reporter
A jury today found polo tycoon John Goodman guilty of DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide in the February 12, 2010 crash that killed 23-year-old Scott Wilson.

Police say a drunken Goodman, the founder of the International Polo Club Palm Beach in Florida, rammed his black Bentley convertible into Wilson's car two years ago, causing it to roll into a canal. He left the scene and waited an hour to call 911 while Scott drowned.

The 48-year-old was initially charged two years ago in the young man's...Read full article, here.

Source :

Photo Courtesy and Video Courtesy:WPBF

Texas Doctor, 44, Shoots Dead Girlfriend, 22, then Turns the Gun on Himself: Demonic Case of Lust and Insecurity

Whether you realize it or not, a man or a woman in their 40's who cannot live without a 20 something young person in their lives are possessed with not only a demon of lust, but also a demon of insecurity like in this case with Dr. Tim Roses.   How could this 44-year-old man kill his 22-year-old ex-girlfriend just because she posted news about her new boyfriend on her Facebook page?   This is a disgrace, because this man ought to have been so fulfilled having credentials as a doctor, he wouldn't have been so caught up on what was going on in the life with his young ex-girlfriend.  It is time to recognize murder-suicide of any age in some cases as a demon of lust and in all cases as a demon of insecurity.  Never should anyone not be able to live their lives without someone.  Dr. Tim Roses acted immature, sending a silent message to those whom loved the victims, 'since she does not want to be with me, she nor myself deserves to live, so I took her life and my own'.   As you can see there are a lot of grown people whom become doctors, lawyers or work as other prominent professionals, but they have not grown up in their minds and spirits.   This doctor did not see himself as a mentor to younger people, but possibly thought of himself on the level as those whom are supposed to learn from him and instead he acted out his murder with the mind of a child.

Dr. Tim Roses was a very successful Texas radiologist, but also worked in various parts of the country.  He may have been a very successful intelligent man, but he lacked self confidence and most of all, salvation.   Any man or woman whom places a person before God and loves them more lacks self-confidence.   No one can ever continue in life placing anyone above God and this seems to be the case of Dr. Tim Roses whom could not live his life knowing this younger woman, Lindsay Nichols.  Therefore, he could have been possessed with another demon of idolatry.

We want to forewarn you younger women to be careful if you decide to date older men, because many of them are just out to fulfill their lust and if they cannot satisfy their lustful demon, because they feel rejected by you, they may act out like Dr. Tim Roses.   We advise you to carefully choose the men you date and make sure you give the young men your age a chance, because many times, you may think they are not mature enough, but many times they could be more mature than this 44-year-old doctor who committed this murder suicide.  We do not know if this was the case, with Lindsay Nichols, but many times younger women make the excuse of dating older men, because they say they are more mature than young men around their age.   However, as you can see Dr. Tim Rose was not only immature, but he was so possessed with lust, he acted out in an immature fashion, because he was insecure as an older man who had an alleged infatuation with a younger woman.

Furthermore, this doctor, Dr. Tim Roses may have been very successful in his career as a medical doctor, but he needed psychological and spiritual help.  He needed Jesus Christ to save him and set him free from his immaturity and insecurity.

May Lindsay Nichols rest in peace and we are praying for her new boyfriend and family.

Doctor, 44, shoots dead girlfriend, 22, then turns the gun on himself just hours after she revealed new lover on Facebook

A horrific murder suicide has left a town in shock after a doctor, 44, shot dead his ex-girlfriend, 22, before turning the gun on himself after she revealed on Facebook she had a new boyfriend.

Dr Timothy Roses, a radiologist from Waterloo, Iowa, fatally shot Lindsay Nichols, of Evansdale, Iowa, in the chest before also shooting himself in the chest around 9pm on Wednesday night.

They were found near an intersection in Jesup, where her new boyfriend lived. Roses was already dead and Lindsay died later in hospital.

The pair were known to be in a relationship but it ended earlier this year.
Friends say Lindsay was concerned about his behaviour since the breakup.

Early on Wednesday, the pretty 22-year-old changed her relationship status to reveal she was in a new...Read article, here.

Source, Video and Photo courtesy:
Video Courtesy: KWWL

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