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Update: Woman Who Recieved Judge Wade McCree's Nearly Naked Photo Says It Was Just A Joke: Isn't This Wrong with Marriages, Today?

All of a sudden this wife whom received a half-naked photo of Judge Wade McCree allegedly is defending him, claiming it was only a joke.   We acknowledge it is very hard to find a job in this time of a recession, especially in Detroit, if this is the reason why this woman is allegedly defending Judge McCree's behavior.   However, she could be used of him sending her photos, but never expected her husband to find out about it.   It just does not seem right for this unidentified woman to not be upset, along with her husband whom filed the complaint.   Furthermore, she allegedly claimed they always talk about their bodies, because they are both into fitness.   We do not care what excuse she has came up with, it does not seem appropriate for her to ever discuss their bodies or even working out.   The only body she should be looking at is her husband and he should be the only person she should be discussing issues about fitness.   

This wife whom is defending Judge McCree seems like she cares more about making sure he does not get in trouble than supporting her her angry husband.   The way her husband feels should be more important than defending Judge McCree.  However, this is the type of day we are living in, many wives have no respect for their husbands and many husbands do not respect their wives.   In our opinion, this woman has no integrity as a wife neither does she seem to have any respect her marriage.   One question, how would she feel if her husband receives nude pictures of women?  Would she be able to take it, if he told her they just compare he and other women compare their bodies and workout together?   However, this is a bias issue, many times, wives want to be respected and expect husbands to be faithful to them, but when they are receiving attention from other men, they want their husbands to understand.  This sort of attitude has been going on for too long, but if this wife does not have a relationship with Jesus Christ, then how can she possibly be fair with her husband?

We wonder how her angry husband feels about her defense for Judge Wade McCree? We pray for this couple, but especially for the wife, because in our opinion she needs to examine her spirit and have respect for her husband.  There is nothing funny about the above photo and a understanding and supporting your spouse is more important than a job, if this is the reason for her defending Judge Wade McCree.

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Woman Who Received Judge's Nearly Naked Photo Speaks Out to FOX 2

She says half-nude photo was a "joke"

(WJBK) - A local judge has taken a lot of heat for sending a nearly naked photo to a courtroom employee. The recipient of the revealing picture is talking only to FOX 2.

She tells Wiley the picture was not about "sex." It was meant to be a joke. The woman says she and the judge have a professional relationship...Read full article, here. 

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Are We Being ''BI'' SEXUAL with GOD? By Shofar B.

Shofar B apostasy watchdog
Are We Being ''BI'' SEXUAL with GOD? By Shofar B. Apostasy Watchdog

We wanted to thank Shofar B. for his words here. We found him on Facebook his words about how we are not living fully for Christ but in some many ways, we are living 'bisexual' with God is a powerful piece in his notes. Can we understand that being bisexual can mean much more than in a sexual sense? The wording can be a bit harsh and graphic but we do believe that for those that have an open mind and heart for the truth, can see what is really being spoken.

So we do warn you it is a bit graphic and we apologize if it offends anyone but take the truth from it, please.

By Shofar B. Apostasy Watchdog
Before you get TOO startled about the title of this note, allow me to exegete why I asked this context with the thought. As ALWAYS...I MUST...back up anything I have to say with scripture...AND AS ALWAYS...I am open to input, and CORRECTION. So, let me start here...I'm Sure you've heard that at some point that JESUS will say to some of us..''I NEVER...''KNEW'' YOU! For all of you hermanutical experts out there, you DO realize that ....

Read full note at AT2W.

Video: Double Homicide in Coral Gables, Jose R. Rojas Murdered Employer With Mop, Because She Did Not Pay Him

Jose R. Rojas has been arrested for an alleged double homicide that happened in Coral Gables, Florida.   Rojas supposedly murdered his employer, Francis C. Venezia, because she refused to give him a paycheck.   When you visit the website of Certified Inventory Services, LLC where Jose R. Rojas was the vice-president you cannot help but wonder why he would murder his boss, Francis Venezia over wages.   According to Venezia's website, she was the President of the company and obviously had control over the finances, but this devastating news has revealed Jose Rojas was very angry, because she was not paying him.   It seems like it would be the right thing to do, since Jose Rojos was the vice president of this company, but filing a civil case did not seem to cross his mind.   On his way to work, a store video camera shows him buying items to commit murder.  This was an execution style way of killing these two people, so we can assume Jose must have not always been a business man, but he also could have been a gangster. 

According to the Miami Herald people know Jose Rojas as a kind and humble family man with 3 children.  They claim this news shocks them, because they never recall him being violent. 

Of course, we see people on a daily basis and we cannot ever imagine what sort of personal issues they may face, because we are not them.   Jose Rojas probably is a very kind man, but like a lot of unsaved people, when so much occurs in their lives, they get overwhelmed with stress and lose it and this is what happened, he lost it.  However, we feel it is much more than money, because if it was just about money, he could have simply filed a civil case against his employer, Francis Venezia.  Some people do kill over money and if this is the case in this situation, it must have been millions, but it was not worth taking the lives of two human beings for his freedom. Obviously, Jose Rojas had another side to him that was very evil and this was one time, he could not tame his animosity. Many people smile in your face, but they do not know Jesus Christ and Satan will take over their spirits to do some of the most craziest things, especially when it comes to money.  You know how the Bible says in I Timothy 6:10, 'Money is the root of all evil', that's very true, but it also says in Mark 8:36, 'For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?'  That scripture is not just for those whom are drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes, but also those whom will kill for money, even when they work a legitimate job.  We cannot love money more than God, even when we face unfair situations and we do not get paid.   This is why we have judges and courts, so they can hear our side of the story when we are mistreated by our employers.   As the vice-president of Francis Venezia's company, God needed to be the center of Jose's life, because although she may have been a very selfish woman, no demon in hell would have had the power to control him to commit this double homicide, allegedly.   Jose Rojas has been charged with first-degree murder, but we pray he allows God to come into his life.

May Francis Venezia rest in peace.

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Businessman 'tortured and killed his female boss with a MOP'because she owed him money

By Laura Cox

A man has been charged with homicide after he allegedly tortured and bludgeoned to death his boss after showing up at work with his murder weapons.

The brutal killing is thought to have been related to a dispute over money.

Jose R. Rojas arrived at his office in Coral Gables, Florida on Friday carrying a bag full of a deadly array of tools including duct tape, a wooden mop handle and a pellet...Read full article, here.

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Source: Certified Inventory Services, LLC

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Pastor Terry Jones ignores Pentagon to hold ANOTHER Koran-burning ceremony: Is Koran-Burning God's Will?

Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove Outreach Church in Gainsville Florida allegedly held another Koran-burning ceremony.  If you recall, this is not the first time Pastor Jones has caught national attention, regarding his protest in regards to the Christians imprisoned in Iran.  However, by doing this again could put American soldiers at risk, according to officials of the Pentagon, but their worries did not stop him.

Although, we are followers of Jesus Christ and not of the Islamic religion, it would be wise to think about how God feels about all of this.   Of course, we know it is in our best interest to please Him and remain focused on winning more souls into His Kingdom, so that America can become a Christian nation, not necessarily get involved in issues of this world.   Our Bible tells us to not focus on things of the world, but we are to focus on God. 
In Colossians 3:2 , it says this, 'Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

However, we pray for Pastor Terry Jones that God leads him in the right direction.

Pastor Terry Jones ignores Pentagon to hold ANOTHER Koran-burning ceremony

By Daily Mail Reporter

A controversial Florida pastor has staged another Koran-burning ceremony to protest about the imprisonment of a Christian clergyman in Iran.

Publicity-grabbing Terry Jones, who caused international outrage and violent protests when he filmed the burning of the Islamic holy book last March, set several copies of the Koran on fire in a similar incident on Saturday night.

A gathering of approximately 20 people attended the ceremony at the Dove World Outreach Center...

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Great Woman of God, Pastor Riva Tims Book Review, 'When It All Falls Apart': A Must Read

First and foremost, we of would like to congratulate this great woman of God, Pastor Riva Tims for her courage to all hurting women, especially first ladies whom endured such pain of betrayal.   We love and honor Pastor Riva Tims who is such an inspiration to strong women in leadership positions whom often times are left alone to bare depression in their failed marriages.  Pastor Riva Tims book, 'When It All Falls Apart' reveals the emotional trauma she carried deep within her soul during her previous marriage to the late Dr. Zachery Tims, but she also was very strong to admit her own personal flaws.   You have got to read this book, because Pastor Riva Tims' personal testimony reveals how she is more than a conqueror just like the Bible says in 8:37, 'Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.'

When Pastor Riva Tims revealed the release of her book on the 700 club, 'When It All Falls Apart', we listened to how she revealed how she endured such betrayal as a wife and co-founder of NDCC, but when we read her words in this book, it really told the story of her close relationship with Christ, because she honestly shared how many nights she had to cry when many enemies in the church were against her. We never knew to the extent of how much emotional distress Pastor Riva Tims had to endure until we read her book, 'When it All Falls Apart.' As saved Christians, we know how it feels when certain people are supposed to understand and support you, but so often times, many of your enemies are the very ones whom are in the pulpit and their followers in the pews.   Pastor Riva Tims cried many tears alone and it was God who picked her up.  Even after the death of her late ex-husband, Pastor Riva Tims has courageously continued to win souls for God's Kingdom, regardless of her enemies whom claim to be Christians.   This sister in Christ has held her head up high, regardless of naysayers as her church, Majestic Life Church of Orlando, Florida continues to grow.

After we read Pastor Riva Tims book, 'When It All Falls Apart', we cried tears of joy, because her testimony caused us to feel strong as followers of Jesus Christ.  After reading Pastor Riva Tims book, we were instantly reminded of a scripture in God's Word that says, 'I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me (Philippians 4:13).'  Then, when we read how people betrayed her, there was another holy scripture that came to mind, 'Fret not yourself because of evildoers, neither be you envious of the workers of iniquity (Psalm 37:1).  Many of us whom are betrayed by the very people (in the church, women and those whom have been oppressed as a race) whom are supposed to understand us should remember that scripture about not fretting evil doers, because they are the ones so often times who turn against us.

You must buy this book now at your nearest Barnes and Noble Book Store or at  Please order if it is out of stock.   After you read Pastor Riva Tims book, you will discover why you need to support this great woman of God, who is the mother of New Destiny Christian Center, a church she founded with her late husband, Dr. Zachery Tims.  She is is yet raising all four of she and Dr. Zachery Tims children as a single mother, but as a joint heir with Jesus Christ she is not raising them by herself.  Pastor Riva Tims is the founder and pastor of Majestic Life Church, a very beautiful sanctuary in Orlando, Florida.  We want to personally thank Pastor Riva Tims for being strong to reveal her personal testimony of triumph.

Watch Pastor Riva Tims Preach in 2012, NOW!!

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Terry Rawls Arrested And Charged With Matthew Owens Beating: One Attacker Shouts 'It's Justice For Trayvon': Really?

These series of cases, involving African Americans suddenly acting out in violence to get justice for Trayvon is ridiculous.  Those of you whom are 30 years or older can recall decades prior, there was hardly any unity among black people.   Our race and even our own families would laugh while we faced personal situations of racial discrimination.  Now, we see many of them acting like Terry Rawls, which is very unfair to many of us whom did not have any support in previous years while facing racial discrimination.   Those of us whom are wise saints of God who happened to be black realize it is time to seek God, rather than go back in time to fight with a race that mistreated us, along with white supremacists years ago.  Saints of God, it is time for a revival, if we have any sense, we would realize it is too late for any more civil rights movements to occur.   This spiritual battle is much more than racial discrimination and if these pastors, bishops and civil rights activists like Rev. Al Sharpton do not start telling the truth, there is going to be a price to pay after judgement.   There is another world much worse than earth, if we do not get our souls right with God, no matter what race or age we are.  

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, please go to our salvation page, then videos page and get to know Him and leave all of this animosity of racial issues in the past.  We do not have time to join the masses of people whom are spiritually lost, but our time should be spent witnessing for God and winning souls into His Kingdom.

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Terry Rawls Arrested And Charged With Matthew Owens Beating 

The Huffington Post  |  By Andy Campbell 

Cops in Mobile, Ala. made their first arrest in the apparent mob beating of Matthew Owens: Terry Rawls surrendered Wednesday on assault charges.

In less than a week, the brutal attack on Owens -- which left him in critical condition -- went from being described as a hate crime connected to the Trayvon Martin killing in Florida to an ongoing feud between neighbors, WKRG reported.

"This here is an ongoing dispute with neighbors, that's what this is," Mobile Police Corporal Chris Levy told the station.

Levy said that officers have been called...Read full article, here.

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Video: Rally At West Angeles COGIC Should Have Been A Revival and Not a Rally For Trayvon Martin: Black Man arrested in bloody murder of mother and daughter

This 22-year-old killer is a black man who took the lives of a mother, Ignacia Martinez and daughter, Karla and beat the father in Las Vegas, Nevada. He not only murdered them and beat the father, but he also raped the little girl.   This should show you why racial discrimination is just one type of demon, there are many other demons that work in all races of people and we would have liked to have heard that Bishop Charles Blake of West Angeles Church of God in Christ had an alter call during a revival instead of allowing this rally to occur.

Now, we would like for you to first watch this clip showing the NAACP, Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson holding a rally at West Angeles Church of God in Christ.   In God's Kingdom, there should be no rallies, but only revivals to save souls of all races in the 21st century.   Rallies have never worked to stop the demon of murder and as you can see, demons control all races to kill, regardless i they are white, black, Latino or Asian.   Now, you are going to see something that offends God, because race is mostly a discussion and usually salvation is never a topic.   It is time to save souls, in order to stop the killings among all races.   The era of the black civil rights movement is over, it is time to face it.  Many African Americans messed up when they began following the traditions of other tribes and intermarrying them as God told us not to do, in Deuteronomy 7.  For many years, after the the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, many  began selling drugs to their own people and killing within the black community.  Therefore, it is now impossible to make it a racial issue, when it in fact is only a spiritual issue.  Civil rights activists cannot use rallies to discuss racial discrimination against blacks when many have rebelled against God and His Word.  Many have not only disobeyed God's biblical scriptures sexual intermingling with other tribes, but many have also married as gays and lesbians, another violation within the Kingdom of God.   Even worse, they have accepted the philosophies of other tribes by allowing same sex marriage in the black church.   Therefore, this rally just like many others was a waste of time.

May Ignacia Martinez and her little girl, Karla rest in peace and we pray the father recovers real soon, so he can raise his 10-year-old son who told his teacher about his family's slayings.

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Man arrested in bloody murder of mother and daughter after 10-year-old boy found their slain bodies in their home

 By Daily Mail Reporter

A 22-year-old man is being charged in the savage killing of a mom and daughter in Las Vegas after a week-long man hunt.
Bryan Clay is alleged to have bludgeoned to death 10-year-old Karla Martinez and her mother, Ignacia Martinez at their Robin Street home last Saturday, in an apparent random crime.

Karla’s father, Arturo Martinez, 39, was critically injured in the bludgeoning attack and remains in hospital with head injuries.

Savage: Brian Clay allegedly bludgeoned to death the mother and daughter at their Las Vegas home
Ignacia and Arturo’s 9-year-old son tragically discovered the slain bodies of his mother and sister...Read full article, here.

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Oprah Says She Wants to Show You How to Be A Christian?

 oprah lifeclass and Christianity
We want talk about how Oprah has told the world she is a Christian at least a year ago and how now she wants to focus her Life class show on the OWN network with a segment about Christianity and faiths. We found it interesting how one blog sees Oprah's 'coming out of the closet for Jesus' moments. We respectfully agree with them in many ways but we do have our take on the whole scope of it too.

Read below what BCCN1 had to say about it:

On June 1, 2011, the Editor-in-Chief of made the following statement after Oprah's public Farewell to her talk show:

"Evidently, Oprah Got Saved Recently, Now She Needs to Make that Clear to Her Millions of Fans

Based upon statements that Oprah made throughout last week regarding God and Jesus Christ, we believe that Oprah has recently truly accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour and has been born again this year."

Read more at:

Self Proclaimed Christian Oprah Wants to Show You How to Be A Christian [VIDEO] | AT2W

Detroit: Judge Wade McCree Issues An Apology For Nude Photo: Does America Still Have Any Morals?

America was once known as a nation that did not condone a sinful nature, but nowadays, do not be surprised what news may hit the headlines.   When we have a politicians whom oppose God's Word condoning homosexuality, a person within any authoritative position may not be a person of integrity when they support them.  We are not saying Wade McCree should be excused, but this is really a spiritual issue. A door is open to all sorts of demonic spirits in a society that condones sin. It seems as though people in certain respectful positions are just going along with the flow of sin, because there seems to be hardly any boundaries between right and wrong.  Therefore, this case involving Detroit Circuit Judge Wade McCree is no surprise. 

If we expect for those within our judicial system or any other respectful profession possess moral conduct, then we should only support politicians that believe and completely follow God's Word.   Sin is sin and this judge's illicit behavior is not only immoral and immature, but it is no less sin than homosexuality.

Furthermore, McCree's sudden apology could be because a complaint was allegedly filed by the bailiff's wife and her husband.   In our opinion, if she would have said nothing, he probably would not have even issued an apology. 

Read these following scriptures, since they have been ignored by many of our political leaders, then no wonder we have people like Judge Wade McCree allegedly acting out in nudity.

Holy Scriptures Against Homosexuality

-1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."
-Leviticus 18:22 - "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable."
-Leviticus 20:13 - "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads."
-Romans 1:26-27 - "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion."

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Judge McCree: 'I made an extremely serious error in judgment' - Detroit Circuit Court Judge Wayne McCree made headlines across the globe after he sent a nearly nude photo of himself to a court bailiff, who works for him. The photo was discovered by the husband of the bailiff and now he and his wife have filed an official complaint with the Michigan Judicial...Read full article, here.  

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Update: Brittany Killgore Murder: Marine Louis Ray Perez Pleads Not Guilty, Held On $3 Million Bail

This is just an update, regarding the suspicious murder of Brittany Killgore.  Louis Ray Perez pleads not guilty, involving her murder.  Investigators suspect foul play and her family finds her death very suspicious.   In the meantime, Marine Lance Cpl. Cory Killgore, her ex-husband is allegedly in Afghanistan on duty.   She recently divorced him and the couple had been only married for a year, according to various reports.

As we have said in our previous article, may Brittany Killgore rest in peace, but now that the story is evolving, we have a bit more to add.   Obviously, Brittany's husband had nothing to do with her death, but her boyfriend could be a suspect and allegedly there are two other people.   We would like to encourage all wives to remain with their husbands, no matter how hard it gets.  In our opinion, a year is not long enough to make a marriage work.   Now, we do not know all the details that occurred during Killgore's marriage, all we know is that her neighbors claimed Brittany allegedly mentioned she was going to divorce her husband and was dating someone else.  Whether she did or not, she is no longer here.  However, there are so many of you women whom yet are blessed to have life in you and have a chance to make peace with your husbands.   They may not be perfect men, but if they are serving country, just be patient until they return home and thank God they are strong enough to be in the military.   If you have a husband in the military, pray for his safety while he is in combat among other soldiers, because many of them have died during the war.   It is time to pray when you have a husband in the military, not a time to divorce.   If you can make it work, pray and ask God to give you strength, because when a husband is in the military or serving the community as a police officer, it is such a blessing every-time they are able to remain alive and not killed while on duty.   We are not judging this deceased woman, all we are saying is, it is time for wives to be more wise in their marriages.   When we separate from our husbands (or wives), we never know when Satan is working through the evil souls of men and women, but if we should remain dedicated to our spouses, then the angels of God can protect us from demonic forces.   You see, when we our married, we must make sure we are completely following God's Word and not doing things our own way.  Now, we can imagine it can get very lonely when we have spouses serving our country in Afghanistan, but we must pray and ask God for strength, because we do not just have enemies in foreign lands, but also within America and this is what allegedly happened in the case of Brittany Killgore.

Again, may Brittany Killgore rest in peace.  We also pray for her family and her ex-husband, Marine Lance Cpl. Cory Killgore who is presently serving our country.

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Brittany Killgore Murder: Marine Louis Ray Perez Pleads Not Guilty, Held On $3 Million Bail


VISTA, Calif. — Brittany Killgore was hoping to unwind for three days after filing for divorce from her Marine husband serving in Afghanistan.

Prosecutors believe things quickly went wrong when she met another Marine for a night out.
"She sent a text saying, `Help,'" Patrick Espinoza, a deputy district attorney in San Diego County, said Thursday. "She was missing from that point on."

Authorities said Killgore's body was found in brush near Lake Skinner on April 17, hours after paramedics...Read full article, here.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

New York Madam forced to wear ‘diapers and T-shirt’: Will Rev. Al Sharpton Speak Out For Prisoners Like Anna Gristina and Not Just Deal With Racial Discrimination and Support Homosexuals?

As a man of God, we think it is time for Rev. Al Sharpton to start changing the way he operates National Action Network.  He should not just see himself as a civil rights activist, but mainly as a man of God and as a complete follower of Jesus Christ, he should not just focus on racial discrimination and definitely not support homosexuals, but he should begin to recognize that prisoners like Anna Gristina are allegedly being abused by the prison system.  There are various reasons why Rev. Al Sharpton should really consider the needs of prisoners.  This case of Anna Gristina being forced to wear diapers and a T-shirt reveals how bad prisoners allegedly endure persecution.  This claim is no different than African Americans facing racial discrimination.  Although, we realize Rev. Al Sharpton has supported prisoners in the past, allegedly, it has been just for those whom faced racial discrimination before their freedom was taken away based on skin color, not necessarily for prisoners in general.  Therefore, as ministers of the gospel we are supposed to consider all people whom are in prison, not just operate our ministries based on racial issues just because we maybe civil rights activists.   As for homosexuals, Rev. Al Sharpton should no longer support their agenda.

According to God's Word, as born again believers we are not supposed to condone homosexuality, along with other sins.  Therefore, all the time Rev. Al Sharpton is using to support homosexuals should be given to prisoners of all races facing discrimination like Anna Gristina, along with yet supporting African Americans.  It is God's will that we consider those whom have made mistakes in their lives and now being mistreated behind bars. 

We believe it is time for all civil rights activist whom claim to be ministers like Rev. Al Sharpton to take heed and begin standing up righteousness and begin to not only focus on racial issues.  They should exclude support for homosexuals or any other sort of sinners, God's not pleased.  In Matthew 25:43, our Word says this: 'I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.'  If you noticed, it did not mention for us to single out any particular race, age or status.   It also did not even mention for us to just visit them for a particular reason, we are to care for all prisoners.


Anna Gristina's family is raising funds for her to return home for Mother's Day.  So, let us not just pray for her freedom, but let us also pray for her to receive Jesus Christ as her personal Savior.  If God should allow her to be released, we also pray for other prisoners to be treated right and not be forced to wear diapers and T-shirts, because that is persecution and oppression.  Jesus wants all ministers to make sure they do not forget prisoners, the homeless and any other group of outcasts, no matter what they have done or whom they are.

New York Madam forced to wear ‘diapers and T-shirt’ in Riker’s cell as family launch website to raise $2m bail
 By Emily Anne Epstein

Accused 'Manhattan Madam' Anna Gristina is having to endure a sweltering, rat-infested Rikers Island cell wearing only a T-shirt and a diaper, her husband has sensationally claimed.

The shocking allegations were revealed as Kelvin Gorr launched a website to help pay off his wife's enormous $2million dollar bail, saying the small clan cannot afford it on their own.

Anna Gristina's husband and four children created...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo:

Inmates Trained to Be Pastors In Prison: God Has A Way of Reaching Souls And Using Them, Even After They Have Committed The Worst Crimes

This is great news that God is using prisoners to win lost souls as men and women of God.  We think it is a wonderful program to ordain prisoners as pastors.   In California alone, there are over 25 prisons that offer this program to prisoners to become ordained ministers.   Also, Florida and Michigan operate the The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI).  Possibly, if this school expands all over the nation, we will see this nation changing into a positive one and more prisoners will come out with their testimonies as they become leaders of their own congregations, instead of many whom have never been to prison and have no testimony.   This would add more meaning to today's church, because many pastors of mega ministries and even those of smaller churches are just in ministry to gain wealth through tithes and offerings.  As more prisoners leave the prison system as pastors, then we will no doubt see pastors as witnesses for Christ, instead of those whom are celebrities with much fame and fortune.

It would be very interesting to see the world change and many souls completely submit to Jesus Christ, all because they experienced spiritual healing through sermons preached by pastors whom were once prisoners.  Even if prisoners who are pastors remain in prison for many years, at least they will lead many souls to Jesus Christ while they also spend time in prison.   

You know, God loves prisoners and He has not forgotten about them and this is why He is making a way for them to become pastors and spread His Word to save souls.   The Urban Ministry Institute is a wonderful program and is truly God sent.

Training pastors in prisons

Religion |

The Urban Ministry Institute, which provides seminary classes to prisoners, is growing from 5 to 26 California prisons

The prison guards at the California Rehabilitation Center (CRC), a Level II correctional facility in Norco, Calif., rushed in when they saw a group of inmates submerging a man's head in the communal sinks, thinking they were preventing a race-related murder. 

"The guards come in wanting to know why the races are all together. They thought we were trying to drown the guys, but we were just baptizing them," said Cary White, the man who was baptizing the three...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy:

Update: Celebrity Bobby Brown sentenced to probation For DUI incident: Wouldn't A Campaign Against Drunk Drivers Possibly Change His Life?

This is just an update, regarding Bobby Brown's previous case of driving under the influence.  He has now been put on probation.  His sentence could have been worse, he could be spending time in jail and we feel he needs to, in order to learn his lesson.  Even celebrities should be disciplined and get time in jail, because driving under the influence is a very serious issue.   In our opinion, celebrities are spoiled to a certain extent and overall, those whom are caught driving under the influence do not get the time they deserve.   This is important, because too many drivers and bystanders have lost their lives because of careless drivers like Bobby Brown.   It would be a good idea that he begins doing campaign commercials to stop drunk drivers, which would possibly help him in his own life to not only stop drinking while driving, but to also stop completely drink alcohol.

Furthermore, it does not matter if Bobby Brown has had problems in his own personal life, everyone has problems in life, we just need to know how to deal with them.   Like a lot of celebrities, Bobby Brown seems to want attention just because he has a household name.  However, the time has come for him to take responsibility for his own actions, getting probation may not be enough.   Therefore, another thing he could add to this ideal campaign would be for the judicial system to make a harsher sentence on drunk drivers whom take the lives of innocent people by stressing the fact that manslaughter is not enough when it comes to another life gone too soon.   Bobby Brown would be the perfect person as a celebrity to show he has changed by helping alcoholics realize driving under the influence is a serious issue and they must pay a price, if they drink and drive.

In addition to this article, we feel celebrity Bobby Brown has it too easy, did you know he is included in Whitney Houston's will (look at the video below)?   Why wasn't his name removed from her will?   As you can see, after the death of his ex-wife, Whitney Houston, he still is getting in a lot of trouble and if he gets his hands on her money, then he possibly would not know how to handle it, allegedly being addicted to alcohol.

We pray Bobby Brown's gets his soul together and surrenders to Jesus Christ. We also hope he learns his lesson and begins being an example for drunk drivers to stop driving under the influence, whether they be celebrities or not.

 Watch Video

Bobby Brown sentenced to probation in alcohol-related driving incident

By Michael Martinez and Jane Caffrey, CNN
Los Angeles (CNN) -- Singer Bobby Brown pleaded no contest Wednesday to driving with a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher and was sentenced to 36 months of probation, his attorney said.

The charge to which he pleaded no contest is a violation of the California vehicle code, the attorney said.
In Los Angeles County Superior Court, prosecutors dismissed two other counts against him -- a drunk driving charge and a suspended driver's license charge -- said Brown lawyer Tiffany Feder.

Brown was also sentenced to one day in jail -- which he already served -- and must undergo...Read full article, here.

Source, Video and Photo Courtesy:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Diocese Fired Married Catholic teacher for using IVF after she found out she was infertile: Are Their Priests Grave Immoral Sinners for Previous Child Molestation Cases?

Really, we do not think the diocese of the catholic church in Indiana has the right to fire any woman whom gets infertility treatments, when their organization allegedly faced charges of previous cases of child molestation. What gives the diocese the right to fire her when many of their catholic priests were accused of allegedly molesting young boys in the past? Just like the woman in the New Testament who had more than one husband, Jesus told her to go and sin no more and loved her, regardless.  This is the same way it should be for this thirty-two year old woman, Emily Herx.  In John 8:11, it says, 'She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said to her, Neither do I condemn you: go, and sin no more.'  They should understand that many women have problems having a baby and in this case, Emily Herx is a married woman.   If there is a scripture in the Word of God that says it is wrong for women to get infertility treatments, then would could understand their reaction.   Of course, we know back in biblical days, there were no such treatments, but-since Herx is married, we feel fertility treatments are God sent for her. 

In support for this woman, we deeply feel many members of the diocese, across America needs to seek God, more than ever before, because they seem to judge women like Emily Herx and do not have any sympathy to know what it is like to be without children.   Those whom should be disciplined by the diocese are those involved in sin, such as fornication, adultery, homosexuality, pedophilia or any other sin mentioned in God's Word.   They need not to attack innocent women like Emily Herx, but she and others need encouragement to remain strong in Christ, although they have not yet bore children.   It is extremely painful for all women whom have not been able to conceive children by the time they are 30 and older and leaders of the church and the diocese should be the last ones to shun and ridicule those like Emily Herx. 

Furthermore, the entire church, no matter if they are these particular denominations: Baptist, Pentecostal, A.M.E., Catholic and many others have always had a lack of understanding when it came to various sorts hurting women.   It is time to change this and began to start preaching against those whom have been opposing God's Word and desire to live in sin.   Women like Emily Herx are not necessarily sinners, all they want is to give birth to a child to share in life with their husbands.  Therefore, the diocese and those whom hold various leadership positions in the church ought be able to understand that much.

Note: The woman in the above photo is allegedly exact person shown with her husband, we wrote about, according to our two sources.  However, ABC news has a video that shows a different woman who is single, who was also fired in a separate case.

'You're a grave immoral sinner': Married Catholic teacher fired for using IVF after she found out she was infertile

By Rachel Quigley

A married Catholic school teacher is suing the diocese she works for, claiming they fired her for undergoing IVF treatments, calling her a 'grave immoral sinner'. 

Emily Herx, 32, who worked for the St Vincent de Paul School in Indiana, said a senior official at the school fired her when she told him about her attempts to get pregnant through IVF. She and her husband Brian turned to the treatment when she found out she was infertile. 

Mrs Herx taught literature and language arts...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

Update: Pilar Sanders Claims She Is Innocent and Her Attorney Allegedly Says Deion Sanders Is a Liar

If Deion Sanders is not telling the truth, he sure put on a show for us to believe him.   In our previous article, yesterday, we believed him, but now that we have heard Pilar Sanders in tears, we do not know what to believe, only God knows what happened between the two of them.  Furthermore, it is really in God's hands, because if it is this bad to where Pilar is alleging that Deion Sanders is lying to the public, then he may not be a good man and his soul could be very evil.  However, we do find it strange that Deion Sanders uploaded a photo of his sons allegedly filing a police report with him, so it is not just him claiming Pilar and her friend jumped on him, it is also their children who claim they saw everything.   Is Deion Sanders so evil, he would have his sons lie on their mother?   Is he really this evil?   Another question, who is this other woman whom allegedly jumped on him, along with Pilar?  Where is this other woman and why wasn't she arrested, along with Pilar?

In the above clip, it reveals Deion Sanders' alleged statement on Twitter.  Now, if he is this evil to tell everyone to pray, this is a very dangerous thing, because when a person ask people to pray, they automatically put God in it.   It is not a good thing to pretend as though you are so connected to God, you pretend as though someone attacked you and have audacity to ask them to pray.

If Pilar Sanders is telling the truth, Deion needs to repent to God, because he claims to be a Christian and he knows one of the Ten Commandments have forewarned us not to lie.  In Exodus 20:16 it says, 'You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.'

Watch Video

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pastor Joel Peebles Speaks Out About His Firing From Jericho City of Praise

pastor joel peebles speaks to I- Team Investigates

Here's the interview transcript of Pastor Joel Peebles and wife speaking on how the church board at Jericho City of Praise did a hostile takeover of the church and its ministry. Read below and see video of interview.

“It’s a hostile takeover of a church ministry.”

With his wife by his side, Pastor Joel Peebles talked for the first time about how a small group of employees took control of his mother's church, Jericho City of Praise, after she died of colon cancer in 2010.

Tisha Thompson: "Did your mother ever say to you, ‘Joel I want you to take my place?  Joel, I want you to be in charge?’"

Joel Peebles:  "About a thousand times.  She believed in passing the mantle.  Not that church is a birthright. Ministry is a calling."

Tisha Thompson: "Did your mother ever say to you, ‘I'm changing the plan?’"
Joel Peebles:  “Absolutely not."

Read full interview at link below and see video of interview as well.

Pastor Joel Peebles Speaks Out About How Church is a ‘Hostile Takeover’ [VIDEO] | AT2W

UPDATE: Aurora Church Pastor Delono Straham’s Mother Shot By Gunman

Pastor Delono Straham

The pastor of Destiny Center Church, Delono Straham, said the woman killed Sunday was his mother, Josephine Echols, a nurse from Flint, Mich., who most recently had been working with dialysis patients at a local hospital. She had gone outside to see if anyone needed medical attention.
Straham said the car crashed as Sunday's service was winding down at the church in Aurora, and a staffer ran out to see if the driver needed help. He said the driver pulled a gun on the worker but it jammed.

Read more on the update at: AT2W

Pastor Joel Peebles Preaches to Thousands Without A Church Home

jericho city of praise pastor preaches to thousands without a church home

Apparently, Pastor Joel Peebles, who was fired by the church his mother and father founded years ago, has staying power. Even though the Jericho City of Praise church board allegedly found a reason to kick the pastor out of his church, he is going forth.
Pastor Joel Peebles picked up where he left off and preached to a full house this past Sunday at "the ballroom, overflow room and the hotel Lobby of the Metro Points Hotel in New Carrollton", says our friends at The Church Lady Blogs.

Read full story at AT2W.

Video: Guide Dog Calls Cops When Blind Woman Attacked: Dogs Are a Gift From God

If it was not for a special device used by a guide dog to contact Philadelphia police, they would not have been alerted an intruder broke into an unidentified blind woman's home.   The intruder fled the house, after he violently attacked the woman and obviously noticed police were on their way.   

Dogs really are a gift from God, because God gives them sense when trouble is near.   Like in this case of this blind woman not being able to defend herself, this dog was trained to not only protect her, but he had sense enough to call for help.   This is how amazing dogs are.   It cannot be understood why many people are afraid of dogs, because they really are a man or woman's best-friend and will love you, unconditionally.  They are born with a heart of consideration, something many human beings do not possess.   Just like in this case of this blind woman, they will not allow anyone to hurt those they feel close to and that is why many are trained to lead and assist blind people.

We pray God's blessing be on the blind woman whom was attacked as she recovers and that her dog remains to be a strong guide dog.   We also believe healing to take place in her eyes, in Jesus name.

 Watch Video

Guide Dog Calls Cops When Blind Woman Attacked 

PHILADELPHIA -- Police say an intruder attacked a blind woman inside her home before her guide dog alerted police.

Investigators say the 54-year-old woman is hospitalized in stable condition following the early morning attack Monday in the city's Wynnefield Heights...Read full article, here.

Source and Video:
Photo Courtesy:

Miracle Moment: Christine Bolden, Brain Dead Mom gives birth to twins

This deceased mother of Michigan gave birth to twin baby boys.  Now, this is an amazing story, because God is showing us how real He is.  God still works miracles. We feel bad that the mother has died, but her life now is going to live on through lives of her sons.   Christine Bolden's twins were born under 2lbs.  Let us as brothers and sisters in Christ praise God for his goodness, because a miracle came out of Christine Bolden body, although she died of a brain aneurysm.  However, Christine is really not dead, because God was so good to allow these twins to live on, she must be in a better place.


We know Christine Bolden's aunt, Danielle Bolden is sad because her niece has past on, but because we also heard and saw tears of joy when she reminded us how good God is to allow these twins to be born on this following video.

May Christine Bolden rest in peace and we pray for the life of her twins.

Watch Video

Source and Video:

Celebrity Deion Sanders Accuses Estranged Wife, Pilar of Assault In front of Kids, to press charges: Sons File a Report With Him, Young Men of Integrity

First and foremost, we would like to support Deion Sanders, because we are tired of good men not being treated fairly, because they are a man.   By his estranged wife, Pilar reportedly jumping on him in front of their children, it is not a really good example for all women, especially within the body of Christ.   It is disrespectful and makes the entire race of women look real bad.   Wives are supposed to not be full of such anger and rage, but as wives we are supposed to respect our God-fearing men, God has given to us in our lives.   Therefore, we need to realize there are wicked women that marry good men and Deion Sanders must be a good man for his sons to file a police report with him.  They saw the whole thing, so it must have been very painful for the both of them.  

As women of God whom are wives, it is time we start advising women to not act out in an irrational behavior in front of their children or even in privacy with their husbands, but let us advise them to be better examples.  As women of God, we are supposed to humble ourselves  even when it seems like we are wrong.  We are supposed to pray and give emotional pain to the Lord.   We are not supposed to harm our husbands as they are not supposed to harm us, in all fairness.   Deion Sanders has his two sons as witnesses to reveal he is not to blame.   Therefore, we should be able to see through our spiritual eyes God has given to us and that is, there are many men enduring their own emotional pain like Deion Sanders and this is one of the main reasons why many black women in the church are without a good man, too much support has been for the woman and good men have not been understood.   Although, Deion Sanders is a celebrity, he often talks about God.   You see, that is very rare, the average man whom is a celebrity does not always talk about God.   So, this is why Deion Sanders maybe a very innocent victim in this situation and by his wife jumping on him in front of the kids, it also reveals he is not a violent man, because obviously he was trying to protect himself from her.

As children of God, we can no longer just always focus on husbands as the bad person and the wives as good, because whether we be a man or a woman, there is evil in all of us, if we are not where we should be in Christ.   Just like there are many men out there killing their wives, there are many women out their killing their husbands, we have got to be sincerely honest about it.   Therefore, it is time for the body of Christ to not only pray that God strengthens Deion Sanders and his sons, but that Pilar Sanders repents for domestic violence and fully surrenders her life to God.   You know, it used to be a day and age, when it was the man always going to jail for beating on the woman, but nowadays, it is the woman whom is going to jail for domestic violence.   Why is this happening so much?   It is so very clear, women of the feminist movement have fought to become equal to men, when the Bible told us, we are the rib of the man and he is the head of the household.  We have gotten so very far from that fact, it is a shame.  In Corinthians 11:3, it says this: 'But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.'  Therefore, the Word of God lets us know in that particular verse, every woman is to honor her husband as he is to respect her.  A man cannot continue to be the head, if he is always got a woman beating on him, allegedly in this case of Deion and Pilar Sanders.   Furthermore, it seems like celebrity, Deion Sanders has been very successful and has been the head like the Bible says, which is not always the case within black marriages, it is usually the wives complaining about their husbands not being responsible.

Deion Sanders' contentious divorce took another ugly turn on Monday, when the Pro Football Hall of Famer posted a photograph of him and his two sons filling out a police report against their mother, Pilar Sanders.

TMZ reports that police were seen outside Sanders' house on Monday night and an unidentified person was in handcuffs. His estranged wife was taken to a hospital after complaining of a medical problem.

Last month, Pilar Sanders filed a $200 million defamation lawsuit against her husband. She was responding to a tweet from Deion's daughter, Deiondra, which said Pilar was a "gold-digging [expletive]." Deion later explained that the statement couldn't be defamation because it's true.

The NFL Network analyst filed for divorce in December and the story has been a fixture of the tabloids ever since. How grotesque is it? Deion, who just used his children against their mother to win public sympathy points, thinks he's the victim. And he may even be right.

Go here and see this for yourself:

Look at Deion Sanders tweets here:

Deion Sanders accuses estranged wife of assault, to press charges

By Lateef Mungin, CNN

(CNN) -- The estranged wife of former football star Deion Sanders was arrested on domestic violence-related charges Monday night, hours after Sanders sent a series of bizarre tweets saying she assaulted him.

In one of the messages posted on his verified Twitter account, Sanders even posted a picture of what he said were his children filling out complaints to give to police in Texas.

"Pray for me and my kids now! They just witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room...Read full article, here.

Deion Sanders' Wife ARRESTED After Domestic Incident

(TMZ) Pilar Sanders has been arrested for domestic violence after allegedly attacking Deion Sanders in their Texas home this afternoon ... TMZ has learned.

According to the Colin County Jail website ... Pilar was booked for "assault family violence."

As TMZ reported, NFL Hall of Famer Deion claims his estranged wife, Pilar and her friend jumped him in his bedroom earlier today. Deion says two of his sons witnessed the alleged attack.

Although Pilar and Deion are going through a bitter, BITTER divorce ... they are still living together in their suburban Dallas home.

Deion told TMZ Pilar had been taken to the hospital immediately after the incident -- claiming she needed medical treatment -- but she is now in police custody.

Deion claims he didn't harm Pilar, and only "defended" himself until he was able to call police.

Source and Photo Courtesy:

 Photo Courtesy:



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