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Celebrity News: Estate blocks family members from Michael Jackson's kids home

Allegedly, T.J. Jackson's attorney requested that a list be made to not allow Janet, Randy or Tito on the Michael Jackson's kids' property in Calabasas, according to our source.  The decision may have been made, because of last week's alleged confrontation among the Jackson siblings.

This is very sad that after Michael's death, the siblings are not allowed to be on the property of their mother, niece and nephews.  Although, Randy denied there was a fight, they possibly would not have been banned from the home, if it was not caught on camera to appear as though their was conflict.

Michael Jackson's estate blocks family members from children's home

By Daily Mail Reporter

The estate of Michael Jackson has confirmed reports that it has blocked some members of the extended family from the home shared by his children and mother.

The estate has drawn up a list of approved guests in the wake of a family feud that turned...Read full article, here.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk
Photo: http://houseofglitz.blogspot.com/

Celebrity News: Randy Jackson Speaks Out against executors of Michael Jackson's will

Randy Jackson has allegedly spoken out against the executors of Michael's estate.   He allegedly accuses them of forging his late brother's signature and even trying to kill his mother, Katherine.  He accuses a few people of setting the whole thing up, John Branca, John McClain and their attorney, Howard Weitzman, so they would be able to control the family, after they allegedly forged Michael's will.

This whole situation makes us think it is a possibility Michael could have been set up to die before his time.  Of course, there was already some suspicious, regarding Dr. Conrad Murray being responsible giving him an overdose.  However, it all seems so clear now that maybe there were some other people behind the scenes making sure they got control of Michael's assets, which ended up to be more after his death.   Whatever the case, this is very sad, because when you become a celebrity, you are owned by other people in a lot of ways.   When you sign a contract in the entertainment business, it has been allegedly stated, you are no longer independent, but you are obligated to fulfill the wishes of those whom manage your career and you dependent on them.  
We wonder if this was the case with Michael Jackson, since Randy has been speaking out about these executors?

Look at Randy's Tweets

 Read more articles like this one @AToast2Wealth.com

'They're trying to take my mother's life': Randy Jackson launches attack on executors as feud over Michael Jackson's will launches into open warfare 

By Daily Mail Reporter

A feud over the validity of Michael Jackson's will has escalated into open warfare with the late singer's brother Randy accusing estate executors of trying to kill their mother.

Turmoil has roiled the Jackson family very publicly since the days-long 'disappearance' of Katherine Jackson...Read full article, here.

Source: DailyMail.co.uk
Source and Photo Courtesy: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/ii32er
Photo: http://mjforeverlove.wordpress.com/2010/10/14/brother-randy-jackson-very-upset-over-oprah-interview/

Ex-Lesbian accepted Jesus Christ: Black Church must now avoid gay marriage and support ex-homosexuals

Jamora has given her testimony of how she accepted Jesus Christ into her life.  Once she got saved, she got filled with the Spirit began speaking in unknown tongues.  Her testimony is among  many testimonies of ex-homosexuals whom have had a supernatural experience, once they surrendered their souls to Christ.   She had no more bondage in her life and felt free from alleged demonic forces that had her trapped in a lesbian lifestyle.   

You see, this is why we continue to forewarn the black church whom have made a decision to become gay affirming that they are in extreme danger with God, because they are unknowingly in agreement with ministries whom judge ex-gays and ex-lesbians as though they cannot change. Believe us, you have a lot in common with those 'so-call' holiness ministers whom discriminate against ex-homosexuals.  The black churches who have made a decision to welcome homosexuals and marry gays are offending God, including those whom turned away from the homosexuality.   Jamora is very happy with her supernatural experience and this should give many of you pastors some wisdom about how many ex-gays and ex-lesbians feel, after God has changed them.   So some of you pastors want to accept gay marriage, in order to be recognized by your peers whom agree with the president's gay agenda?   After you watch this following video of Jamora's testimony of being delivered from homosexuality, then you ask God how he feels about your gay affirming ministry and also will he accept you into His Kingdom, now that you are supporting gay marriage.

Congratulations to this woman of God who has been delivered and set free of homosexuality.

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Video: Former fantasy artist Jessica Galbreth turned from the occult to now serving Jesus Christ

Jessica Galbreth is a famous artist who used to create fantasy art, but one day she found God.   God came into her life, after she had had enough of dabbling in the world of the occult.  Out of curiosity, death interested her to become more familiar with the other side, it was not just the Ouija boards she and her friends played with when she was younger.  An art major, she created surreal images that was a reflection of speculation of life after death and her art created a feeling of all sorts of possibilities of what she thought could happen after this life.  Her children were allegedly experiencing emotional discomfort that could have been caused by her association with the occult.  Specifically, her daughter, Julia began being overwhelmed with fear.

Galbreth once had the wrong concept about God, but when a friend explained more about who God really was, she and her husband, Josh began reading the Word of God and eventually became Christians.

Saints of God, there are so many more people whom are still living in emotional torment on a daily basis, Jessica Galbreth is not the only person whom has had experience with spiritual darkness.  This is why we have to be on assignment for the Lord Jesus Christ. We are spending a lot of time trying to convert homosexuals to agree with the Word of God, but that time could be spent  with other sorts of sinners whom have a burning desire to know God.   So many people whom are involved with the occult, playing around with Ouija boards and dealing with demonic spirits are very tired of spiritual darkness and they are searching for someone to tell them how Jesus can deliver them.   Therefore, let's not waste anymore time trying to plead with people to turn away from homosexuality, if they do not want to change, God would rather us witness to other sorts of sinners like those in bondage with the occult whom are willing to change. Not all may come to Jesus, but some maybe more willing than some gays and lesbians

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Source and Video: www.cbn.com

Pastor Robert 'Dr. Shine' Freeman To Serve Over 2 Yrs For Hiding Millions in Bankruptcy Court

Robert 'Dr. Shine' Freeman to Serve 27 months in prison
(Photo: Google.com)

Pastor Robert 'Dr. Shine' Freeman To Serve Over 2 Yrs For Hiding Millions in Bankruptcy Court

A Maryland minister known as Robert "Dr. Shine" Freeman was sentenced to more than two years (27 months) in prison Monday for obstructing bankruptcy court proceedings
Robert "Dr. Shine" Freeman, 56, founded several ministries: Save the Seed Ministry, Save the Seed International Church and Seed Faith International Church. He was found trying to hide millions of dollars in assets when he filed for bankruptcy protection from creditors in 2005.

“The evidence shows that Robert J. Freeman lived a life of fraud and deception, using millions of dollars from church members and fraudulently obtained credit to pay for luxury cars and a mansion while falsely representing in court that he was indigent,” U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein said.

Dr. Shine's former home in Indian Head, Maryland
Photo: Afro.com

According to the U.S. Attorney's Office:
Shortly after February 2001, Freeman used funds from church members to accumulate substantial assets, including 11 luxury cars valued at over $1,073,000 and a $1.75 million residence in Indian Head, Maryland, which he concealed from the bankruptcy court when he sought a discharge of his debts from the court in 2005.
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Pastor Robert Jeffress urges churchgoers to support Chick-fil-A

Pastor Robert Jeffress of Dallas Texas is showing his support for CEO Dan Cathy by urging his members of First Baptist Church to visit Chick-fil-A restaurants on Wednesday.   Pastor Jeffress is revealing to the nation how much he respects God's commandments against gay marriage and other ministers whom fear God should do the same when they stand before their congregations all over the nation.   

However, it is a shame many pastors of black churches are spiritually blinded by Satan's tactics and will die to support civil rights, even if it means losing their souls.  Unfortunately, their church members whom follow them will also reap eternal hell, if they do not change and yield to God's expectations.

Saints of God, it is time for Christians to unite and support God-fearing entrepreneurs like Dan Cathy.   On Wednesday, let us all visit Chick-fil-A and continue to buy their food, and any other time we can afford to do so.  Because Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A has stood up for righteousness, God is going to make sure many souls acknowledge they must take heed to His commandments, every-time they visit a restaurant.   What Dan Cathy did, he did for every last one of us whom are facing persecution for opposing gay marriage, he empowered us to continue not be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In Romans 1:16, God's Word says, 'For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believes; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.'  Then in Mark 8:38, 'Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he comes in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.'

Dan Cathy and his entire family will be blessed and also other business owners whom are not afraid to look the Devil in the eye and refuse to oppose God's Word just to please humanity.  

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An outspoken Dallas pastor is asking members of his congregation to visit Chick-Fil-A restaurants this Wednesday to support the chain's CEO.

On Sunday, Pastor Robert Jeffress told the First Baptist Church members that supporting CEO Dan Cathy's stand against gay marriage...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy: http://www.myfoxdfw.com

Pastor C.L. Jackson Fraudulently Transfers Property to Wife To Avoid Judgement

Pastor C.L. Jackson refuses to pay services

Pastor C.L. Jackson Fraudulently Transfers Property to Wife To Avoid Judgement

A prominent black pastor fraudulently transferred his church-owned home to his wife to duck a $75,000 judgment, an accounting firm claims in court.

MacFarlane and Associates sued Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church, its pastor C.L. Jackson and his wife, Bettie Jackson, in Harris County Court.

His church refused to pay for accounting services provided by plaintiff MacFarlane and Associates, P.C.

The accounting firm claims after more than a year of trying to collect from Pleasant Grove, it had no choice but to sue.

When the case went to trial this year, Pleasant Grove's attorneys claimed MacFarlane overbilled for its services, MacFarlane says.

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NY Boy Gives Speech In Favor of Same Sex Marriage

Kameron Slade gay marriage speech
(Photo: staticflickr.com)
NY Boy Gives Speech In Favor of Same Sex Marriage
Now, this is what is wrong with America today. This 10 year old boy who should not be speaking on these adult matter. Unfortunately, he has written a speech in favor of same sex marriage. He states he was inspired by President Obama and his wife Michelle for their stance in support of marriage equality.
New reports say Kameron Slade originally wrote his speech two months ago for a competition at Public School 195 in Rosedale, Queens. However, the principal of the school said it wasn’t acceptable, so he was barred from delivering it at first. But after robust media attention, he was allowed to give his speech at a separate assembly after the Education Department intervened.
The NY Times provides some background on how Kameron came up with the idea speaking on gay marriage:

Read more at link below:

Where Are Your Parents? NY Boy Gives Speech In Favor of Same Sex Marriage

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Philly's Catholic Archdiocese Hit With No.10 Civil Suit in 12 Months

Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia Sued for Another Church Sex Scandal
(Photo: cpuis.us)
Philly's Catholic Archdiocese Hit With No.10 Civil Suit in 12 Months
A Pennsylvania man, now 29, sued the Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia on last Wednesday for alleged sexual abuse by a priest. This marks the 10th civil suit filed against the church since a 2011 grand jury report detailed sexual abuse by clergy in the area.

The suit names the Rev. John R. Liggio, the archdiocese and the Order of St. Augustine. It alleges a priest at suburban Malvern Preparatory School sexually abused a youth in 1997 and 1998. The student was under the age of 16 at the time of the alleged abuse. This lawsuit seeks more than $50,000 in damages.
"He did so by using physical, intellectual, moral, emotional and psychological force," according to the lawsuit filed in Philadelphia's Common Pleas Court.
A sweeping sex abuse scandal has rocked the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the nation's sixth largest with 1.5 million members.
Read full report at Church Scandal Report

False Prophet TB Joshua Predicted Colorado Cinema Shooting?

TB Joshua Predicts Aurora shooting?
(Photo: liveofofo.com)
False Prophet TB Joshua Predicted Colorado Cinema Shooting?
One of our readers sent us a Youtube video of TB Joshua prophesying:
“In the nation of America, they should pray,” the YouTube clip showed Pastor T.B. Joshua saying on Sunday 10th June 2012 during a church service. “I am seeing a man carry a gun in a gathering of people and begin to shoot. A lot of people will be killed before the man will be arrested…

Click below and see video:

Prophet TB Joshua Said to Have Predicted Colorado Movie Shooting? [VIDEO] | AT2W

Another victory for Jesus Christ, business owner of Bakery denies wedding cake to gay couple in Colorado

Every time a business owner denies to do any sort of service that supports gay marriage, it is a victory for not only the body of Christ, but especially for Jesus Christ.   Business owner, Jack Phillips allegedly stated that the state of Colorado does not even support gay marriage.  Therefore, we see can see why he feels he has absolutely no obligation to make a wedding cake for this gay couple, Charlie Craig and Dave Mullen.  Dave allegedly mentioned, 'it's just a wedding cake', well if that's so, why didn't they both just go to a supermarket or find a business owner of a cake shop whom supports gay marriage to make it?  However, even if the state of Colorado supported gay marriage, we feel Mr. Phillips or any other business owner should have the right to deny a gay couple a wedding cake or any other service based on freedom of religion. 

The right thing to do would be for gay couples to go to a store that specializes in making those sorts of cakes, not infringe on the rights of business owners whom do not support gay marriage.  Jack Phillips has been making wedding cakes for men and women in matrimony, so why all of a sudden should he have to change his beliefs for anyone?

In the meantime, we will be praying for Jack Phillips, since it was mentioned he gets a lot of people and protestors outside of his shop demanding he drops his respect for God and start making wedding cakes.   This is a strong man, this is not the first time, he denied a gay couple a wedding cake.   May God continue to bless he and his business.

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Source and Video: http://www.cnn.com Photo Courtesy: KCNC.com

Billy Graham Offers His Support to Chick-fil-A: God wants more strong leaders in the church to unite while facing persecution

We think it is wonderful to know Dr. Billy Graham is so strong to stand with his good friends, the owners of Chick-fil-A.   During this time of persecution, God is expecting leaders to be like Billy Graham to stand in support with such a righteous man, Mr. Dan Cathy.  Even in his golden years, Rev. Billy Graham is revealing his courage and not even afraid to release a statement to show the world how much he not only loves his good friend, but how much he loves and fears God.

This is what God expects, more church leaders to stand in unity with Christians whom are facing persecution for standing up for Jesus Christ.  Whether we personally know Mr. Cathy or not, He is our brother in Christ and it is time Satan's camp recognizes God has some powerful and strong-willed children whom refuse to back down, just because he has a lot of followers.   True saints of God, Jesus is evaluating our minds and souls and He is taking record if any of us yield to wickedness of this world.   God is watching how many of us whom claim to love and respect Him will be gullible followers, just to be liked by the world or even with gay affirming followers within the church.   You see, it does not matter how old you are, what race you are or even your background, God wants all righteous believers to come together in unity and face the enemy.   We are to let the enemy know that God has never changed and we refuse to do so, even if this world expects us to.  

This message is for many of you whom are African American, God is looking at you.   He is taking record of your life.   Just because He created you black, you are not to fear your own kind just because they choose to support the gay agenda.  You are not suppose to fear your pastors and bishops over God, just because they maybe civil rights leaders.   In this era, if you are under a pastor who is not supporting the owners of Chik-fil-A, you are not in the will of God.  You are only supposed to follow ministers of the gospel whom are in complete submission to God's Word, not the politician and not the civil right activists.  When you meet Jesus at the end of your life, you want to hear Him say, 'well done, thy good and faithful servant,' you do not want to see Him walk away from and say, 'I never knew you.'   So, let us stand with all whom honor God's commandments before the world, regardless of what color they are.   Rev. Billy Graham is a good example of how we are suppose to not fear man before the world.   We are supposed to be strong warriors for the Lord Jesus Christ.

We see why God has blessed Rev. Billy Graham to life a long life, He truly loves the Lord.

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Billy Graham Offers His Support to Chick-fil-A

MONTREAT, N.C., —Today by Billy Graham wished to show his support for Chick-Fil-A in their nasty public relations battle stemming from their president's comment about his support of marriage being that of one man and one woman.

Rev. Graham's statement read...Read full article, here.

Source: www.TheChurchReport.com

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Is Bishop Hezekiah Walker's Azusa The Next Generation really for today's church?

Note: Although, we are aware Bishop Hezekiah Walker's Azusa event has already passed this year, in case this is an ongoing annual event, we felt it necessary to mention a popular controversial matter be mentioned at this revival and that is the controversy of gay marriage.  

Bishop Hezekiah Walker has just began his annual event, he claims came from God and that is to continue Bishop Carlton Pearson's Azusa.   Azusa was an event meant for Pentecost to reign among all denominations and all races.  However, we question if Bishop Walker or any other preachers attending Azusa will be touching on biblical principles, which is opposed within many of today's church, whether they be white, black or any other race and that is homosexuality and gay marriage.   The controversial situations the body of Christ is dealing with today is far beyond breaking racial lines and denominations, we have so much diversity, many gays and lesbians feel they have the right to to marry in the church and even oppose biblical scriptures against homosexuality.  Some denominations have even publicly denied God's Word and condoned gay marriage and even ordaining transsexuals in their churches.  Therefore,  we ask you this very important question, is Bishop Hezekiah Walker's Azusa really going to be powerful move of God for today's church to combat the rebellion among many gay affirming pastors and their church members?

Saints of God, we are so diverse within our society and even in the church, many pastors of churches are recognizing gays as equal to any heterosexual couple within their congregations.   If God gave Pastor Hezekiah Walker this assignment, then on this following video we needed to hear him speak on his stance on gay marriage and even homosexuality.   The true saints of God are in need of the sort of revival that is going to combat demonic strongholds that has been working against the body of Christ and if this Azusa event is just going to continue to encourage all races and denominations coming together for Pentecost, then it will not be strong enough to empower the saints of God in during this era of controversy, regarding gay marriage and even children being allowed to change their sexual identity.   The usual way of having a Pentecostal revival must change now, because we are dealing with worst demonic stronghold than previous times when races and denominations were more divided. Because some denominations of any race support gay marriage, we must now rethink if God wants all denominations united if we are in disagreement, regarding homosexuality, gay marriage and transgender lifestyles.  In other-wards, what worked for the 20th century, may not work for Azusa in the 21st century. Now, there is so much unity among various races, God's original plan for marriage to remain between one man and one woman is obsolete in the minds of many ministers whom call even themselves full gospel, holiness or even Pentecostal.   

As you know, we are in such a spiritual battle, we have Christian business owners whom are being attacked by those whom oppose God's Word.  We ask you, where is the revival for those specific struggles mentioned in above, we are enduring today within the body of Christ?   If God gave Bishop Walker this assignment, we would like to hear how he is supporting the body of Christ who is fully in submission to God's Word and refusing to yield to the gay agenda.   God and His children whom have listened to Bishop Hezekiah Walker's gospel music for so many years need to know His stance on gay marriage and if he and other ministers have stressed this issue at Azusa and will continue to do so in the future.   It would be very good to know Bishop Walker's stance, since many gospel artists are refusing to publicly oppose gay marriage, because he is not just gospel artist, he is also supposed to be a man of God's Word.

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Source: http://azusanextg.org Source and Photo: http://youtu.be/bban3p0lwEk

Liberal Journalists on 'The View' Come to Defense of Chick-fil-A

Really, many people should have already understood that America is a country of freedom when it comes to religion and speech.  However, it took all of the hosts on the television show, 'The View' to remind those whom support gay and lesbian organizations to explain that fact.   For many decades, America has always been a country that was based on freedom and if you take it away from any person or business, it is most definitely slavery.  One of the show host brought up a very important point, Chick-fil-A has never discriminated against a person for their race, religion or sexual orientation, so their personal opinion against gay marriage should not matter to any politician or anyone else.  In the eyes of God, all that matters is simply more business owners honors Him and His desires for humanity, which is stated in the Word of God.

Whoopi Goldberg made it so very clear, which all gay and lesbian people should already know, if you do not like their opinion, there are plenty of other places to go buy chicken, but to close down a business owner, because they believe in the traditional values for marriage, is absurd.  Furthermore, in our opinion, it seems as though there is a demonic oppression, working in spiritual darkness in America that is trying so very hard to enslave the children of God whom choose to completely obey and agree with His commandments.  As you can see, the good part about it is, God always uses people whom will defend the righteous, although they may not be within the body of Christ.  May God bless 'The View' show hosts.

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Watch Video

Liberal Journalists Come to Defense of Chick-fil-A

Several prominent liberals are coming to the defense of Chick-fil-A after the fast food giant's president, Dan Cathy, voice his company's support for traditional marriage.
Their support comes after the mayors of Boston and Chicago announced that new Chick-fil-A stores are not...Read full article, here.   Source and Photo Courtesy: CBN.com


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Bishop Kenneth Carter Gets Paula White to Fleece Flock of CME Church?

Pastor Paula White, CME church and Bishop Kenneth W. Carter

Bishop Kenneth Carter Gets Paula White to Fleece Flock of CME Church?

This is exactly what one Youtube blogger said when they attended a CME church event. Read what they had to say and watch Part 1 of 7 with Pastor Paula White doing what she does best:
So now the CME Church is in bed with this hustlin' harlot?!?! She is known for prostituting the gospel for greedy gain. She claims to be a prophet, but don't be confused about the spelling of her title! It's P.R.O.F.I.T.
This series is footage from July 17, 2012 at the Savannah Civic Center in Savannah, GA. Paula White is the guest speaker for the laity service of the 6th Episcopal District of the Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church, led by Bishop Kenneth W. Carter. This service was part of a week-long conference for pastors and lay persons in the CME 6th, so keep in mind that her message is largely geared toward leadership in the church.
In Parts 1 - 7, the pimptress butters up the crowd and laces her message with connotations of purpose, change and destiny, but as these manipulative "ministers" always prove, there's a catch at the end.
Read more at Church Scandal Report

Rep. Jesse Jackson being treated at Mayo Clinic for depression, Rev. Jackson, Sr. Speaks

This is an update, regarding Jesse Jackson, Jr., he is being treated for depression and gastrointestinal issues at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.   It seems every since we heard Rep. Jackson (D.) was being treated several weeks ago, the news just continues to give us updates he has been suffering with either mood disorders or depression.   We do not know exactly what is going on, but every since his good friend, former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich has went to prison, he does not seem he has been able to cope and proceed doing his job as a politician.

As we know, depression is a very strong demonic spirit that could lead into a worse state, so we will continue to keep Rep. Jackson, Jr. in our prayers.

On this following video, you will see Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. briefly speak on his son's health condition.

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Rep. Jesse Jackson being treated at Mayo Clinic for depression

By the CNN Wire Staff
(CNN) -- Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is at the Mayo Clinic undergoing an "extensive inpatient evaluation for depression and gastrointestinal issues," the congressman said in a statement released Friday via the hospital. The Illinois Democrat and son of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the civil rights leader, has not been on Capitol Hill since late May. Earlier in July -- one month after announcing he...Read full article, here.   Source, photo and video: CNN.com

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White Church Bans Black Couple's Wedding: Why are we still dealing with racial issues in the church?

In the 21st century, this black couple, Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson was denied to have a wedding at a white church in Crystal Springs, MS.   This situation is very foreign to us who are living in a society that is so diverse, but yet dealing with controversial issues of gay marriage, even in the church.   However, many African Americans whom reside in the deep South in states like Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina and even Alabama are yet dealing with racial inequality.   We cannot understand why we yet face such issues of racial discrimination when the true body of Christ is trying to combat same sex couples from changing God's original plan for marriage in America and also in foreign countries.

Furthermore, we cannot comprehend why Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson did not just leave and allow another pastor to marry them, if they could not have a wedding in this white church, which is supposed to be God's House?   Although, this married couple was visiting this church and did not join, it makes us wonder about their personal preferences.  What made them choose to be among an all white congregation, as though they did not think they would face such prejudice in Mississippi?  Maybe they think we all have arrived, but really we have not in those specific states mentioned above, because racial discrimination is still a big issue among them.  Possibly, the Wilson's were tired of the ignorance among their own race of people and thought the white congregants would show them more love, which has not always worked in the history of America.  Whatever the case, Satan has a plan for each part of the country in America.  If you notice, in some states, there is division about homosexuality and in other states, there are still ancient divisions among races as though they are yet living back in the Jim Crow era.   Saints of God, what this couple experienced was only a game planned by demonic forces.   Now, if a gay couple was to try and get married in that same church, we wonder what would happen?  Would they accept a white gay couple or would they deny them, because it is a sin, according to God's Word?  Sometimes, in our opinion, we think white gays are more accepted than African Americans in this age, but in Mississippi, they may not have embraced gay marriage, but it would be very interesting to find out where they stand on that issue.

Saints of God, the white church, black church and even multicultural churches are missing out on God and may end up in hell, because they are not supposed to be focusing on race.  Race should no longer divide the true body of Christ.   How are we ever going to stand strong in unity against Satan's tactics of homosexuality being condoned in this country, if we do not avoid racism?

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Source and Video: http://www.cnn.com Photo: WLBT.com

Paula White Pumping the Gospel of Prosperity Through the CME church?

Pastor Paula White Fleecing the Flock at CME church?

(Photo: eewmagazine.com)

Would You Be Surprised To Know If Paula White Is Doing Dirty Work Through the CME Church?

And the answer to that question is ... drum roll... absolutely not!

Our friends at Church Lady Blogs have an exclusive for us. We thank them for their diligent work at getting the truth out about the black church and this is just one more that we all need to know about.

It looks like Paula White is doing what she does best: preaching the gospel of prosperity but this time, its through the CME Church. According to CLB and a guest post they received from someone who attended a recent event, they say Paula White is up to her usual antics.

Take a look what the Church Lady Blogs has in store for us through their guest blogger.

I received this message today  from a source who attended  the Laity Ministry service of the CME Quadrennial Annual Conference in Savannah, Georgia recently and was so appalled by Paula White’s antics that  she felt compelled to share  her experience with the CLB family.

Guest Post by: Jenn…

My name is “Jenn….” and I’d like to say God bless you and thank you for your commitment to blogging about the issues of the black church.  It is high time that our people WAKE UP! 

I attended a Paula White service in Savannah on last week, and I was appalled and disgusted by what I saw and heard.  I want you to know that everything I’m offering you here is open for your use on your blog.

I was a hairline fracture away from contacting the mainstream media about Paula’s shenanigans, but I’m waiting to see how some other things play out before I take that route.

Read more HERE

First Catholic Official Convicted in Cover Up of Sexual Abuse of Children

Monsignor William Lynn convicted of cover up of sexual child abuse

Monsignor William Lynn convicted of cover up of sexual child abuse

First Catholic Official Convicted in Cover Up of Sexual Abuse of Children
Good News: Monsignor William J. Lynn is the first U.S. Catholic official who has been convicted for covering up the sexual abuse of children. He was sentenced to 3-6 years in prison on Tuesday, July 24.
Lynn, 61, has been in a jail since his June 22 conviction on endangering the welfare of a child. Monsignor Lynn escaped what prosecutors were seeking, which was the maximum penalty of up to seven years.
“You knew full well what was right, Monsignor Lynn, but you chose wrong,” said Common Pleas Court Judge M. Teresa Sarmina.
Sarmina told Lynn that he enabled “monsters in clerical garb ... to destroy the souls of children, to whom you turned a hard heart.”
The Washington Post reported:
Lynn was head of priest personnel for a dozen years and was one of the highest-ranking officials in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
Lynn was the first church official to be tried for what many see as an unaddressed crime in the decades-long tally of abuse throughout the church:
Read more at Church Scandal Report

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Michelle McKinney Hammond Speaks with 700 Club on How To Be Satisfied and Single

On this following video, Michelle McKinney Hammond really helps singles in the church when she boldly says they need to just enjoy life, alone.  For instance, before you can meet the right person God has for you in your life, you need to be satisfied while single.   She pointed out that famous scripture in John 10:10 when Jesus told us that 'He came that we may have life and have it more abundantly.'  If we cannot be happy in life without Jesus, then it would be very impossible for us to be happy when the right person comes into our life.  Therefore, we have to be satisfied with Jesus first and learn to enjoy life without a man or woman in our lives.   

Furthermore, Michelle Hammond was so right when she encouraged us to buy whatever we want, get rid of all the bills and enjoy our lives without a person to share it with first.  When you make plans for your life as a single person, you will not be looking for anyone else to fulfill your needs, financially or emotionally, but you will have already positioned yourself to enjoy the finer things in life and be proud you did it without another party.

Kristi Watts, the host of the 700 Club even made a good point when she says do not look for love in other people, but be satisfied with God's love and share it with others.   That's what she said in so many words and when you think about it, there are a lot of people who need our love.   When we give love, God will give it back to us and then when He decides, the right person will come and share our lives with us.   

Lastly, get ready to find out who was single in the Bible and maybe you will be proud of having something in common with them as a single person, it's Godly to be single.

Watch Video

Source and Video: http://www.cbn.com

Some Ministers like Pastor Larry Allen will shoot in the pulpit: Isn't carnality allowed in the modern day church to blame?

We are living in an age when ministers like Pastor Larry Allen of Albuquerque, NM  are now carrying guns to their pulpits and even have a security team to back them up, just in case an insane person comes into their churches to shoot and kill.  Now, although we know things are not the same in many churches as many years ago, we question if either of these ministers on this following video are thinking about how Jesus feels about guns being in the church, even while they are preaching God's Word.  It is a great possibility the church would be a safe place again, if there was more respect for God and how things are operated in His House.

Yes, many shootings have occurred at various churches across this nation.  However, let us be real with you, isn't the demon of carnality being allowed in the church to blame? In Cor. 6:14 it says, 'Be you not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness? and what partnership has light with darkness?.'  Today's church is doing just that, many churches have allowed a worldly atmosphere to abide in God's House, a night club atmosphere has brought in millions of dollars, instead of many pastors respecting God's anointing and allowing it to flow as He desires.  We are not saying that Pastor Allen nor Pastor Smotherman have allowed such services, but for the ones whom are guilty, it should not surprise us they are carrying guns.  For the ones whom are not allowing carnality in God's House and have actually experienced gunmen shooting in their churches, they should began having revivals every week and seriously think about having shut-in prayers.  It may seem old-fashion, but this is what kept demonic spirits away from God's House many years ago, the pastor and his congregation kept their minds and souls focused on the Kingdom of God.   It not nothing about being old-fashion, it's called having complete reverence for God.

Pastor Allen mentioned he recalls when the church was different and that it was safe to be without a gun, but does he realize why things are not the same?   It is time for modern age churches to accept responsibility of mingling with the ways of the world.  Possibly, this is why the angels of God have stepped back.  God will not claim any church as His own and assign His angels to take charge over it, if there are services very similar to a worldly atmosphere.   It all goes back to the above scripture, 'what fellowship does light have with darkness?'   Then God told us to be holy in I Peter 1:16.  God does not want us being yoked in anyway to Satan's demonic territory and this means to make sure that the church is coordinated into an atmosphere of complete holiness.  We need the type of services to return in all churches that will scare demons away.  However, many pastors are so carnal, they would rather identify with others ministries that are not glorifying God, but rather seek fame and fortune.

If some churches continue to welcome a nightclub atmosphere and call it God's House, then they cannot expect for God to protect them, because it is hypocrisy.  We will say this again, being holy is not tradition, being holy is completely practicing holiness in our personal lives and even during worship services in the church or at any other christian event.

Watch Video

Armed pastors protect parishioners

New trend reflects fear of random violence

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.
That’s the unofficial motto at some Albuquerque-area churches, where fear of...Read full article, here. Source: krge.com

Katherine Jackson Speaks and says she is devestated over losing guardianship

If you have been following the story, you will realize something strange has been going on while Katherine Jackson was reported missing for about 10 days.   Now, she is back and speaking about the alleged report.   If you watch this following video, she seems like she has been coached of what to say.   Also, Jermaine looks off while Janet seems as though she is allegedly covering up facts, after her nephew TJ has been appointed as temporary guardianship over Katherine's grandchildren.   Katherine says she is devestated after learning she has been stripped as the guardian of Michael's kids.   Now some of her children like Randy allegedly acts as though he is shocked of her not having guardianship.

 Watch Video


Prince Jackson blasts aunts, uncles over grandmother's treatment

By Alan Duke, CNN Los Angeles (CNN) -- Michael Jackson's oldest son blasted his famous aunts and uncles on Twitter on Thursday for taking his grandmother away and keeping her out of touch for 10 days...Read full article, here.
Source, photo can video: CNN.com  

Celebrity News: Joe Jackson Returns to L.A., After TJ Jackson Gets Guardianship of Michael Jackson's Kids

Now, after all of the drama, Joe Jackson has returned home, it all seems very suspicious to us.  Where was he when Katherine Jackson was reported missing and why wasn't he there with her in Arizona?  Now that TJ Jackson has been awarded temporary guardianship of his grand-children, it just seems so convenient for him to show up, for some reason.  All this reveals is that when celebrities die, there is always going to be some division in families, just like any other family, not famous.   It would be so interesting what Joe Jackson has to say about Katherine no longer being the guardian of Michael's kids?  If he has no response, it could be a possibility he orchestrated this entire thing, just so he would receive a cut of the money that was originally left to Katherine and those children.

Joe Jackson
Returns to L.A. --

Don't Forget About Me!

Because no Jackson family drama is complete without Papa Joe ... Katherine's estranged husband has finally come to town ... and moments ago, he arrived to the family's famous home in Encino, CA.

It's the first time we've seen Joe Jackson since Katherine was reported missing...Read full article, here.

Source: TMZ.com
Photo Courtesy: Ramey and TMZ.com

Celebrity News: Tito Jackson's Son, TJ Gets New (Temp) Guardianship of Michael Jackson's Kids

We feel very bad for Katherine Jackson, it seems like the previous news of her missing was all a game to make it look as they should was very ill and could no longer take care of her grandchildren.    Now, after she returns home from Arizona, the Michael's kids are now out of her care.  The Bible was so right when it clearly stated in I Timothy 6:10, 'For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.How could an L. A. judge suddenly give Katherine's grandson temporary custody of her grand-children, Michael's kids?  Wow, we wonder is TJ Jackson at the bank now, trying to get all the money transferred from Katherine's bank account into his own?

We wonder how could he have allegedly take guardianship, after it was his grandmother, Katherine who stuck by his father and other relatives during the Bohana trial?  Donald Bohana was convicted of second degree murder of killing Delores ''Dee Dee'' Jackson in his swimming pool.   Katherine was not only a dedicated mother to all of her children, but even cared for her daughter in-law who was suspiciously found dead.  Katherine Jackson's consideration seems to be forgotten about and it does not seem fair.

Watch Video 


Who’s Minding Michael’s Kids? Meet TJ Jackson, Their New Guardian

Move aside, Joe. There's a new paterfamilias in town, and his name is TJ Jackson —the 34-year-old who's just been appointed by an L.A. judge to be temporary guardian of his uncle Michael's three kids.

His initials stand for Tito Joseph, since this Jackson was named for both his father Tito and grandfather Joe. But they might as well stand for "Tough Job," given the seemingly insurmountable odds that TJ faces in helping restore any peace or sanity to the suddenly deeply...Read full article, here.

Source and photo: music.yahoo.com

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Celebrity, Dr. Juanita Bynum Speaks to Bishop Darryl Hines about how God worked a miracle while homeless

We never heard Dr. Juanita Bynum ever admit she became homeless before today.  When she spoke with Bishop Darryl Hines on this final video clip, she admitted to being locked out of her hotel room.   Wow, Dr. Bynum really opened up to us and was humble enough to talk about how it felt while church people recognized her sitting in the lobby without any money or any place to go, after hours.   So, Dr. Bynum has not only been strong to share her previous experience as a lesbian and drug user, she also shared her story of how she actually lost everything and did not even know where her next meal was coming from. She told Bishop Hines God worked a miracle for her to remain in the hotel and be fed by a woman who worked at the hotel whom cared for her.  If her story is reality, this sure teaches us to keep on praising God and not give up, because God definitely is real.

Dr. Juanita Bynum's story reminds us of how God actually worked out a miracle for two sisters whom were former members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.  They were homeless and had nowhere to go, they did not receive assistance from Bishop Eddie Long nor His ministry and were allegedly denied by a well-known minister of the church, but God gave them a miracle to leave Atlanta and no longer remain homeless.   You see, just when you think no one cares, God is there for you and it does not matter how many church people may see you and do not speak when you have nothing, just like the ones who recognized Dr. Bynum in the hotel lobby, God will reveal Himself to you.

Dr. Juanita Bynum really shared her life story with us, so we can get closer to God and trust Him, regardless of our problems in life.   Believe us, you may not see God, but you can feel Him.   For those of you who recall the way we were taught to pray and tarry in the presence of the Lord years ago, you know what it is like to be close to God, just the way Bishop Hines mentioned while speaking about revivals and the church returning back to seeking God.  After listening to Dr. Bynum's testimony, you should realize how important it is to seek God the way our parents and grand-parents taught us, even if the majority of those within the church do not think it is important to do so.  However, after listening to Dr. Bynum's complete testimony, you will realize seeking God has nothing to do with tradition, but is about having a close relationship with God, and loving Him more than anyone or anything in this world.  God has to know you do not mind spending a lot of time in His presence, regardless of what you lost, who may hurt you or how many times they may offend you.  For example, if you lose millions of dollars, you have to let God know how much you still love him, more than that money.  Even if you never have much and you lose all you've got, you still must let God know He is still your Savior.  God works miracles whom remain close to Him during personal trials, struggles and storms in their lives.  

It is time for the church to return to seeking God more than ever before.  Prosperity gospel needs to cease, all together.   In Matthew 6:33, the Word tell us, 'But seek you first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.'

Read more articles like this one @ AToast2Wealth.com

Watch Dr. Juanita Bynum's interview with Bishop Darryl Hines, Part III

Source: http://youtu.be/oj1M3j0SPfI

Celebrity Dr. Juanita Bynum Admitted to Bishop Darryl Hines about letting go, losing of wealth and seeking God

On this following video, we agreed with Bishop Darryl Hines about how the church needs to go back to the biblical principles of getting close to God.  Yes indeed, the church is so modern these days, they have forgotten how to have a revival and the point he made about the importance of being renewed after you come out of a revival has been lost within many ministries across our nation.   

The basics of getting so close to God, in order to defeat the enemy is so important and the body of Christ needs to not be so caught up in prosperity to where they forget what God really wants, He wants us to be completely seek Him, day and night.  Today's church is so lost, the younger generation does not even know what it means to seek the Lord.   In our opinion, it is possibly because many of their parents have rebelled against God and are also not on their knees in constant prayer neither are they fasting, day and night.  In otherwards, many of them want prosperity, but do not want the anointing of God and what it takes for God to move in their lives.

Dr. Juanita Bynum mentions how God taught her how to let go.  She gave her personal testimony of having so much wealth: 7 homes, several luxury cars, antiques and million dollars worth of paintings she was willing to lose, after hearing God's voice.   The judge even challenged Dr. Juanita Bynum in court, asking her what did she intend to do, after losing to so much wealth.   She was confident to look him in the eye and admit with boldness God was going to see her through that trial.  She even admits to being homeless at one point in her life and God spoke with her during that time of losing everything.  We can all learn something from listening to Dr. Bynum and that is to be encouraged in the Lord.  We must seek the Lord God and wait to hear His voice while we are suffering in our transition in life.

Read more articles like this one @ AToast2Wealth.com

Watch Dr. Juanita Bynum's interview with Bishop Darryl Hines, Part II

Source: http://youtu.be/4iU9Yk4ok-w

Celebrity, Dr. Juanita Bynum Speaks with Bishop Darryl Hines About This Prophetic Age

We listened to Dr. Juanita Bynum speak with Bishop Darryl Hines about how she feels about this specific age we are living in, in 2012.   She mentioned we are living in a God's divine time, when many people are focusing on blessings.   The horrific weather conditions in our country and God revealing Himself through personal troubles in our own lives.  Therefore, she not only spoke about how God molded her into being a great woman of God, she also discussed what many people within the black church do not comprehend about what it takes to be really used by God as a great person within His Kingdom.

Although, we cannot understand why Mr. Matthew Knowles, Beyonce's father is her record producer, because God told us we are supposed to separate from darkness (2 Cor. 6:14), we can understand a lot of what she was saying on this following video clip.  For this very reason, many ministers within the pulpit are not equipped to speak the truth about their own personal experiences and even testify how God brought them out of their struggles.   Dr. Juanita Bynum is so different, she has recently testified how God brought her out from being a lesbian, drug users and among other things.  Not many ministers of God's Word will admit to ever previously trying various lifestyles and so this is why we pay attention to what she says, simply because her ministry is very unique.  

Then, we heard Dr. Bynum mention all of the copycats, trying to be like her.   Oh yes, we have seen and heard many women, even Bishop Weeks new wife, Christina Glenn Weeks allegedly trying to act like Dr. Juanita Bynum, instead of allowing God to use them how he created them to be used with their own personalities.   God wants people to be original.  You see, although Dr. Bynum has been through personal issues and Satan has even troubled her with emotional distress and we witnessed her supposedly typing in tongues, she still stands strong.  Even after two failed marriages and even allegedly suffering physical abuse by Bishop Thomas Weeks III, she is still going forth in her ministry and no other woman whom has tried to imitate her could not even stand before thousands of people, after conquering all of those struggles and defeating all of those demons.

Watch this first video and hear what Dr. Juanita Bynum feels God is saying to the body of Christ in 2012.

Dr. Juanita Bynum Speaks With Bishop Darryl Hines Part I

Source: http://youtu.be/FKDY-tE2NEw

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