Friday, January 18, 2013

Black Church, Dr. Jamal Bryant Speaks Wisdom about Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy

We are very sure God is so proud to still have a true man of God speaking wisdom, in this age of carnality among many clergy members.  Dr. Jamal Bryant has always been known for courageously speaking his mind, not to hurt people, but to make them better  Thanks to our good friend, The Church Lady Blogs, we just got information about Pastor Jamal Bryant preaching wisdom, regarding Kim Kardashian's pregnancy.

Especially in an era when many black churches have became diverse with other races and cultures, God is expecting ministers of His Word to be real.  We are living in an era when there is not much structure in the average black church that should insist on traditional biblical values.  Therefore, we pray many more preachers will begin to preach against unholy behavior and one of those important things is not getting pregnant before married or while married to another man like in the case of Kim Kardashian, allegedly.  So we are so proud to acknowledge the words of wisdom from Dr. Jamal Bryant: “Societies celebration of the Kardashian pregnancy to Kanye West while still married to someone else says to America’s girls, if you are an entertainer ethics are elastic and Christian convictions are convenient.”

One of the things we want to make clear is, we acknowledge this couple allegedly does not know Christ, they're not saved. So, it does not surprise us what they may do.  However, preachers in the (black) church are supposed to speak out against what is sinful or unnatural in the eyes of God, simply because young people need to know what is right and what is wrong and adults whom are supposed to be saved are supposed to be examples of purity.  If we have more elders like Dr. Jamal Bryant not rubbing shoulders with the celebrities and speaking against immoral practices and not trying to be like them, then we would have more young people being virgins and marriages not ended up in divorce.   It is time for preachers to stop congratulating celebrities, modeling their lives after the world and be leaders so they will fear God, accept His commandments and get saved.

In the meantime, we will pray for Dr. Bryant to always preach the truth. Also, we pray other preachers to be courageous, instead of being followers of celebrities and being friends with them, instead of winning them to the Lord while being an example of pure holiness and righteousness. 

Jamal Bryant: Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Remarks

Now let me first say that I agree with Dr. Bryant 100% and I am proud that he stepped up to the plate to address this issue.

Yet, it is no surprise, as Dr. Jamal Bryant has first hand experience at dealing effects of being a role model/celebrity figure ...Read full article, here. 



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