Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Black Church, Former Gangster and Drug Dealer Gets Saved

Ivan found Jesus Christ, after getting involved as a gangster dealing drugs.   He grew up in a disciplined environment.   His parents were pastors of a church who made him pray and attend church, but he grew up admiring those in the dangerous streets of Chicago who made fast money.  He was shot twice, the first time he lost a friend and the second time, he and his brother almost lost their lives, but God protected them both from death.   

We want to encourage you to seek God, if you are a gangster and/or a drug dealer and be inspired by this man's testimony. If you should decide to become a born again Christian, we want to direct you to our Salvation page and after you accept Christ there, you can watching some videos to keep you holy and abstain from sin.   God bless you.


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