Friday, January 25, 2013

Black Church Join Anti-Abortion Activists: Thousands March against abortion in DC

True saints of God, please pay attention to what is going on today in Washington, D.C.   Thousands are marching to fight for life.  This anti-abortion rally clearly reveals that there are still many Americans who yearn for morals and values to prevail in this country. Too many mothers in black America have had abortions and continued to do so.  Therefore, if righteous men and women of God began preaching against abortion and spread the message within the black community, they would save lives.   In our opinion, not enough black preachers are allegedly preaching against abortion, similar to homosexuality.

It is time for the true saints of God not to condone babies being murdered in their mothers wombs, but instead encourage adoption.  Millions of babies will never be able to have a birthday, go to college or be able to explore their talents, as one of the speakers mentioned on the platform.  

True saints of God, please join the Right For Life if you profess salvation and fear God.   If you claim to be called by God for ministry or if you just a true follower of Christ who fully agrees with the entire Word of God, then you must publicly denounce abortion.  

You know, the black church has a lot of power within America, regardless of the racism we have faced in this country.   If you noticed, it took a high percentage of black voters to support President Obama and his agenda for gay marriage, allegedly.  Therefore, if many of you in the black church will oppose all sin in this country, then abortion will be illegal in America.  If you disagree with murder, then you must oppose abortion as a true righteous believer of Jesus Christ.

Thousands to march against abortion on 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade

Abortion opponents plan to march in Washington in a demonstration that coincides with the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that created a constitutional, nationwide right to abortion.

Thousands are expected for the noon Friday rally at the National Mall and in front of...Read full article, here.


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