Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Black Church: Pastor James Manning Says Obama Wants to Take away Bibles after taking away guns, allegedly

Saints of God, as we all know President Barack Obama will be in office for another 4 years.   Those of us who are opposed to some leftists opinions and are true born again Christians did not ever dream we would ever see a president allegedly oppose certain biblical scriptures in God's Word that oppose homosexuality.  Therefore, if President Obama's next step is to take away Bibles, we encourage you to recognize it as an order straight from the pit of hell.  Yes, Satan gives instructions to certain people whom deny God's commandments.

Now, one of the things we do not agree with on Pastor Manning's video, is that we need to rebuke a preacher that tells us to give up our guns.   After all of those children and adults were murdered in Newton, CT, we doubt if God agrees with us bearing arms.   If we carry guns and knives, what do we need God for?  We need to learn how to trust God and His angels to protect us as King David mentioned in Psalm 91:11.  However, we do agree we should fight to keep our Bibles, because the Word of God is our sword, which is the only weapon we need.

It is our right to own Bibles and it is satanic to take them away from us.   Some of our forefathers of America were God-fearing men, although they ruled the government in the time of slavery.   God wants us to fast and pray against any plans that are allegedly coming up for the pit of hell.  Therefore, if this is true what Pastor Manning is says, we need to seek God more than ever before.

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