Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Black Church Turn to Complete Righteousness: Perry Stone Allegedly Says Mark of the Beast by 2017, Worldwide

This is a forewarning to all pastors and bishops of some black churches whom have chosen to be followers instead of leaders of God's Word.  You were never suppose to compromise Christianity, in order to be accepted among your colleagues.   However, it is not too late for you to turn around and take heed to what Perry Stone is about to share with you on this following video.   Allegedly, President Barack Obama, the man you got your church members to vote for, is going to expect everyone to get a healthcare chip in their right hand or forehead.

You preachers whom compromised just because you wanted to be accepted by our first black (bi-racial) president will not make it, when Jesus comes back to get us in the rapture.   God wants you to preach holiness or hell and if you refuse, you are going to be a follower to accept the Mark of the Beast by the end of this year, which will be worldwide by 2017.   Now, we respect you as men and women of God, but as we have already shared with you on our Videos page, Minister Mary K. Baxter and others saw pastors burning in hell.  Are you going to be so afraid to be an outcast you would accept the Mark of the Beast, pastor, bishop, evangelist, missionary, gospel artist or minister of music?  

When you think about it, no wonder many of your churches are corrupt with worldly music in the name of God, no wonder you have been a part of the elite with all of your fame and fortune, no wonder some of you pastors of mega churches are mingling with celebrities.  You possibly are a part of the New World Order, Secret Society and are prepared to accept the chip in your right hand or forehead.   May God have mercy on your soul!

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