Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Celebrity News: 50 Cent allegedly Says Rick Ross Faked Ft. Lauderdale Rolls Royce Drive-By Shooting

This is an update for any of you following the news about Rick Ross' life being threatened.   Now, we beg to differ with 50 Cent who allegedly says, Ross faked the drive-by-shooting for street recognition.  Here's why, simply because it is possible that God allowed him to avoid death to give him a chance to repent and fully surrender his life to Him.  You see, it is a spiritual side to this matter. 

All the gangs that are allegedly threatening the celebrity rapper, Rick Ross are serious and they are from several states.  Therefore, it would be very ignorant thing to do, for him to fake a drive-by-shooting to prove how tough he is.   Now, 50 Cent could be right, because we are very sure he knows the street game, but on the spiritual side, we believe it is very real what occurred yesterday morning in Florida.   Furthermore, we feel God allowed him to avoid the sparse bullets, so he could be forewarned to surrender His life to Him, as a wake up call before it is everlasting too late.

Does this seem fake to you? Watch Now, Click Here

As we revealed on our previous article and there are other videos on You Tube revealing this gang affiliation from various states.  We are praying for Rick Ross.

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50 Cent Says Rick Ross Staged Ft. Lauderdale Rolls Royce Drive-By Shooting For Street Cred!

By Bossip Staff

Recently, Rick Ross was involved in a drive by shooting in southern Florida. The husky rapper...Read full article, here. 

Source and Photo: http://bossip.com

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