Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Celebrity News: Rick Ross Hires 24 hour armed security after drive by shooting, it was serious, not fake

SCR readers, if you read our previous article yesterday, you will recall 50 cent allegedly saying Rick Ross staged the drive-by shooting for street credentials.   However, today we hear he allegedly hired a 24-hour armed security team.   If he staged the drive-by-shooting, why would he pay thousands of dollars to be protected by a new security team around the clock?

There are alleged various gangs who have made threats across the nation for certain reasons, which was explained on their You Tube videos, they did not seem to be faking anything.  So, when he escaped from a drive-by-shooting in Florida, it did not surprise us.  According to, Rick Ross has hired 24-Hour armed security, after that horrific event.   Do we think this would help protect him?  To a certain extent, but-only God can protect him all the way, after he repents and fully surrenders his soul to Him, in our opinion.  Possibly, he would have to let go of the celebrity lifestyle and submit to serving Jesus Christ.

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for Rick Ross, including his girlfriend who was with him at the time of the drive-by-shooting. 

Rick Ross 24-Hour Armed Security After Drive-By Shooting
Rick Ross is fighting fire with firepower ... 'cause the rap mogul just hired 24-hour ARMED personal security to watch his back in the wake of Monday's drive-by shooting ... TMZ has learned.

Ross -- aka Ricky Rozay -- was already using armed bodyguards for protection at major events like concerts and...Read full article, here.

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