Sunday, January 13, 2013

Celebrity Preacher, Bishop Jakes, Opens The Potter's House, Fort Worth campus: Black Churches expanding, but are souls being saved?

Famous celebrity preacher, Bishop T. D. Jakes is expanding his ministry in the Fort Worth location.   The Potter's House in Fort Worth seats about 1,000 people.  We see on this first night, many attendees are gathering to enter the sanctuary.  The Potter's House is among many other popular mega churches which allegedly expands like a chain of franchise stores.  We ask this question, are souls gathering for deliverance or popularity? More importantly, we wonder what is the intent of the pastor of certain mega ministries, are they expanding to reach souls of just to gain profit?   

You may think we are digging in a bit too deep, but it is our business, after watching Bishop Earthquake Kelley who had a conversation with God, after dying on his deathbed, God told him to forewarn ministers not to preach for fame or fortune.  Of course, we are not saying Bishop Jakes is preaching for fame or fortune.

Now, when we think about all of these souls gathering to enter into the Fort Worth sanctuary of The Potter's House, we can recall many small churches that may not attract a large crowd on the first Sunday, because the pastor may not be so popular like Bishop T. D. Jakes.   So, we must ask you this question, are they attending to seek God or-are they attending, because it is a popular place to go?   Saints of God, it is very dangerous to attend a church because of popularity, but we must attend because we hunger and thirst after righteousness, as our Word tells us in Matthew 5:6.   Therefore, God wants us to be guided by chosen men and women of God whose intent is to save souls and keep those whom are already followers of Christ holy.      

Furthermore, we find it very strange Bishop T. D. Jakes is able to expand The Potter's House while many other pastors are struggling to keep their doors open in this recession and we are not blaming Bishop Jakes because of it.   However, many attendees whom are attending various mega churches seem to support them, because of popularity, not so much to be fully delivered and set a part from worldly affairs.  Speaking of worldly affairs, many of these mega churches are allegedly supported by their members, because of their secularized church services and the hip hop movement.   When God is the center of attention and Jesus is revealed to be the only superstar, very few people will flock to a sanctuary to submit to being pure and holy; it's a shame, but it's very true.

In the meantime, we will pray for more souls to fully surrender their souls to Christ, live holy and do not just attend a church for popularity, but attend to be spiritually fed. 

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The Potter's House opens Fort Worth campus


The Potter's House of Fort Worth

FORT WORTH — Bishop T.D. Jakes' dream of taking his successful Dallas ministry west is now a reality.

Church members gathered Sunday evening for the s dedication of The Potter's House of Fort Worth. The nearly eight-acre campus is at Woodhaven...Read full article, here.

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