Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christian school suing two teachers who refused to provide proof of their faith

We do not usually hear of a case similar to this one, but a Christian School is suing two teachers who refused to provide evidence of their faith.   The head of the Christian school allegedly claim it is their right to hire teachers who share their beliefs is protected by the California Constitution, the U.S. Constitution's right of the free exercise of religion, and civil rights laws, according to Mail Online.

Of course, we can understand why the school expected these two teachers to reveal documentation of their faith, because in this era, there are many people who may not mind receiving a salary from working at a Christian school, but they maybe be unbelievers.   If these two teachers expected for the Christian school to pay them, in all fairness, they should have been willing to be honest about their religious beliefs. 

Christian school which sacked two teachers who refused to provide proof of their faith is now suing THEM in landmark battle over religious freedoms

By Simon Tomlinson

A Christian school in southern California is suing two former teachers who refused to provide proof of their faith in a major test of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on religious freedom. 

A legal expert said last year's ruling that religious workers can't sue for job discrimination never specified whether that includes teachers...Read full article, here.

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Photo: Reuters

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