Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dallas Sunday School teacher slain in apartment: Black Church Go Back To Revivals and Shut-In's

This Dallas Sunday School teacher, Roberta Moore, 60, was found dead in her apartment.  She faithfully sang in her church choir and was an usher, she was not just a Sunday School teacher.   Obviously, Moore already felt threatened and was looking to move out of the neighborhood, unfortunately, it was too late.

There is something the black church can do to stop our sisters and brothers from being attacked by demonic warfare.   Roberta Moore should not have been attacked for her television and cell phone.  We want you to think about this question, why is it in the 21st century there are still  a lot of black churches on every block in the black community, but-they do not have power to stop criminal activity?   God wants the black church to repent and totally surrender to His will and His way.   For it is time to return to much fasting and prayer, including having daily revivals and shut-insGod cannot stop criminal activity, unless the black church returns to seeking Him.   Satan should not have power to control his children to attack the saints of God like Roberta Moore.  There should be so much anointing flowing through the streets within black communities across America, Satan and his demons would be afraid to mess with any of our dear brothers and sisters in Christ.  

How do we take action against demonic warfare taking the lives of our sisters and brothers in Christ?

All pastors, bishops and evangelists must turn away from sin and totally commit to God's will.   It is time to avoid all mega ministries that are promoting carnality in their church services, because allegedly, they are not strong enough to pray against demonic activity within the black community and even in this entire world.   Why?  Because most of them do not believe it takes a lot of prayer, they allegedly claim it is traditional to seek God as we used to years ago.  They mostly promote merging worldly behavior within gospel music and are not as discipline when it comes to preaching or following God's commandments.  Therefore, many of you preachers whom are serious about God blocking satanic forces, you must be be willing to have daily  revivals in your church.   Also, it is time to start having shut-ins, that's coming together praying all night long until sunrise.  If you are not willing to obey God, there is no way to take control against the enemy.

In the meantime, we will pray for Roberta Moore's two children.   May Roberta Moore rest in peace.

 Watch Video

Sunday School teacher slain in Dallas apartment 


DALLAS — A killer is on the run after strangling a 60-year-old Sunday School teacher.

Dallas police found Roberta Moore dead in her apartment in the 9600 block of Scyene Road on...Read full article, here.

Source, Photo and Video: Khou.com

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