Monday, January 21, 2013

Hollywood Celebrities: Danny Glover Offends Texas A&M University Conservatives by tying slavery to the Second Amendment

Famous Hollywood actor, Danny Glover is in the latest news for offending a group of conservatives at Texas A&M University.  He discussed the right to bear arms, connecting slavery to the Second Amendment.  The controversial discussion what was not expected by Texas Aggie Conservatives and they allegedly blame the university for inviting him. 

According to, Texas Aggie Conservatives have launched a petition demanding that the school stop inviting “radical leftist speakers” who further a “leftist bias.”  Allegedly, they are allegedly outraged that the Hollywood actor did not honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King who fought for equality.  Instead, Danny Glover insisted that America is still a racist society. 

In are opinion, Danny Glover was in error, simply because he touched on slavery to promote the rights for many gun owners in America.   Why didn't he wait until he was invited to speak at an event given by the NRA, if ever?  Sincerely, we do not think it is right to bring up the a controversial issue, without thinking about the many children and adults were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  If Glover is going to be selfish and support the right to bear arms, couldn't he at least thought about how Dr. King would have felt about all those murdered children at this special event?  

'If we really want to avoid racism Danny Glover, why don't we serve God and get rid of all guns?'  We are afraid he would not be able to answer that question, because like some African Americans, allegedly, the Hollywood actor would rather focus on slavery and racism, instead of focusing on completely surrendering to Jesus Christ.  He is spiritually blind like some African Americans whom refuse to return to complete biblical principles and have rebelled against holy living.

Conservatives at Texas A&M University blast ‘leftist bias’ after Danny Glover ties Second Amendment to slavery at a school event

A conservative student group is blasting Texas A&M University for its “leftist bias” after actor Danny Glover made controversial claims regarding the Second Amendment at a school event.

The “Lethal Weapon” star said the amendment was created to protect against slave revolts and help keep land from Native Americans...Read full article, here.

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