Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pastor Tony Smith Preaches about Bishop Wayne T. Jackson's Strange Ceremony

Pastor Tony Smith preaches about Bishop Wayne T. Jackson's Ceremony, he's being real.  It makes you wonder are there mostly gay affirming preachers in the black church?   Tony Smith admits he's unapologetic and reveals the nasty minds of many preachers.  In our opinion, they probably couldn't wait for a gay affirming president, and it makes it easier for them since he is black (bi-racial) to come out of the closet in their own way, allegedly.   Although, he may sound real angry, he has every right to be.

Saints of God, we may not always agree with what Tony Smith says, but at least we can agree most of the time with what he says and we must pray for many more bold preachers like him.

God, please give us more real sanctified followers of your Son Jesus Christ, for we are living in an era where many souls are lost.  God, please give us more real sanctified preachers in the pulpit whom are unapologetic and will only follow and obey your Word. 

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