Thursday, January 17, 2013

Preachers in the Black Church, If you are allegedly Following Catholicim like Bishop Wayne T. Jackson You are in Trouble with God

We just want to forewarn many of you preachers within the black church whom could be performing similar ceremonies like Bishop Wayne T. Jackson that God demands you to stop immediately.   Some people who died and came back to tell about their supernatural journey to hell and heaven informed us on video that God told them allegedly, Catholicism is wrong, because He does not agree with the doctrine.  Therefore, what do you preachers whom are following Catholicism, instead of God's Word think you're doing?   

"What's so nasty is that the praise and worship song, 'I Give Myself Away' was sung as Bishop Jackson's followers applauded as though him laying on top of a man was a move of the Holy Spirit.  Allegedly, that's sac-religious in our opinion, to lay on top of the same sex during a religious song that you are giving yourself away, which is supposed to be only to God.

Now, those of you whom have been keeping up with our sister blog, AT2W have already read the previous article, when this story first hit the press.   However, God told us to forewarn you preachers of the black church whom are following man-made traditions to turn around before it is everlasting too late. Just because we have a gay affirming president who is black (bi-racial), that does not give you the right allegedly reveal any agreement with his stance.

Many of you members are under a pastor whom is practicing the tradition of Catholicism need to wake up.  Many of you whom were raised in the black church know we did not come from that sort of foolishness.   God says to stop being puppets and only follow His commandments.   If your pastors are not doing what is according to God's Word, then you need to run out of the sanctuary and never go back.   Ask yourself, 'is my pastor performing ceremonies that involves other cultures or religious beliefs?'   Is he or she laying on top of the same sex before the congregation or engaging in other sort of similar ceremonies in the House of God, which is supposed to not condone those sort of lustful appetites, according to God's Word?   If so, you should cease and never return to that ministry, for if you remain, you are headed for hell, fire and brimstone.  You are not supposed to be in agreement with any sort of nonsense that was not ever written in God's Word neither should you defend your pastor.  If you are in rebellion and opposing those whom our speaking out against their alleged unholy practices, then you have a lot in common with the followers of the Jim Jones movement in Guyana (deceased members of The People's Temple).

Source: AT2W

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